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USA Today – Oct 21 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aloha’-accompanying gift LEI
‘As ___ on TV’ SEEN
‘Cogito, ___ sum’ ERGO
‘I read you’ ROGER
‘Seinfeld’ uncle LEO
‘Welcome to . . .’ sign locale BORDER
Addition column TENS
Amateur rock group GARAGEBAND
Anticipatory times EVES
Barber’s offering SHAVE
Big Apple stadium namesake ASHE
Blue-black fruit SLOE
Bordered on ABUTTED
Chaney or Chaney Jr LON
Chapel Hill sch UNC
Corkscrew-shaped pasta ROTINI
Cricket field shape OVAL
Cuba libre mixer COLA
Declare without proof ALLEGE
Dictator played by Whitaker AMIN
Didn’t just talk ACTED
Dog in ‘Peter Pan’ NANA
Faberge collectibles EGGS
Fantasy football tidbit STAT
Far from cheerful DOUR
Flows slowly SEEPS
Golf score that may be ‘saved’ PAR
Grackle or grosbeak BIRD
Gross minus net, to a trucker TARE
Hajj destination MECCA
Hilton or Radisson HOTELCHAIN
Icky stuff GUNK
Itinerary word VIA
Jackson of the Grand Ole Opry ALAN
Jacques who played Mr. Hulot TATI
Jay with a TV ‘garage’ LENO
Joseph at Yalta STALIN
Knights’ gathering spot ROUNDTABLE
Kremlin dome shape ONION
Lane of the Daily Planet LOIS
Largest of rays MANTA
Last survey choice, perhaps OTHER
Letter from St. Paul EPISTLE
Long-tailed parrot MACAW
Louvre Pyramid architect PEI
Ming collectibles VASES
Neither here nor there NOPLACE
Nosy sort SNOOP
Not as wacky SANER
O. Henry, notably IRONIST
One-for-one deal SWAP
Planetary orbital period YEAR
Play postscript EPILOG
Plug away TOIL
Postage stamp purchase PANE
Pre-dinner recitation GRACE
Prefix with chamber or date ANTE
Prefix with graph or normal PARA
Pump figure OCTANE
Sacred 48-Across of the Nile IBIS
Serenade the moon BAY
Shell propellers OARS
Smartphone display TIME
Source of gravel SANDPIT
Soviet with a namesake ‘cocktail’ MOLOTOV
Sty sounds OINKS
Suffix with soft or silver WARE
Supermarket flyer, e.g ADCIRCULAR
Take an SAT course, e.g PREP
Tartan-clad group CLAN
Tolkien beasts ORCS
Triangular muscle DELTOID
Ushered from the door LEDIN
Veal serving CHOP
Virus that inspired ‘Outbreak’ EBOLA
Walked like a 61-Across WADED
Where rials are spent IRAN
With the bow, in music ARCO