USA Today – Oct 23 2018

Clues Answers
‘ ‘ or ‘-‘ particle ION
‘Am I forgetting something?’ WHATELSE
‘Chasing Pavements’ singer ADELE
‘Come to think of it . . .’ SAY
‘Gilligan’s Island’ abodes HUTS
‘Listen up!’ TAKEHEED
‘Sounds good’ OKAY
2015 award for ‘Hamilton’ OBIE
Auctions off, say SELLS
Basis for a raise MERIT
Be an omen of BODE
Be crazy about ADORE
Blue Ribbon brewer PABST
Brad of ‘The Big Short’ PITT
Bring into pitch TUNE
Broke ground, in a way HOED
Casting director’s offer ROLE
Computer circuitry component SILICONCHIP
Courteously refuse DECLINE
Defib experts EMTS
Diva’s showstopper ARIA
Entree go-withs SIDES
ESPN tidbit STAT
Feast’s opposite FAMINE
Figure in red ink LOSS
Financially secure SET
Floored it SPED
Football inflator PUMP
Formal ‘me neither’ NORI
Give the slip to EVADE
Gown designer Wang VERA
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Hold in high regard ESTEEM
Ice fisherman’s creation HOLE
Ivy founded in 1701 YALE
J.M. Barrie villain CAPTAINHOOK
Lean against ABUT
Like a streaker BARE
Links appointments TEETIMES
Lobster, in a combo entree SURF
Meant to be FATED
Moved furtively EDGED
Movie rating unit STAR
NBA great Archibald NATE
Not slouching ERECT
On the house FORFREE
Orange ___ (black tea) PEKOE
Othello and kin MOORS
Place to make deposits BRANCHBANK
Place to picnic PARK
Police broadcasts akin to BOLOs APBS
Postal worker’s assignment ROUTE
Red Ryder ammo BBS
Redbox rental DVD
Rich cake from Linz TORTE
Riverbed sediment SILT
S&L offerings IRAS
Set off, as explosives DETONATE
Slangy refusal NAH
Slot at the post office LETTERDROP
Snifter part STEM
Solder component TIN
Spelling of ‘Scary Movie 2’ TORI
Split-resistant wood ELM
Stadium replaced by Citi Field SHEA
Steals, slangily BOOSTS
Steer clear of AVOID
Strokes on greens PUTTS
Sundance Film Festival state UTAH
Talk big BRAG
The ego and id are part of it PSYCHE
Timbuktu’s land MALI
Trellis part SLAT
Woodsy scent PINE
Word after task or brute FORCE
___ cook (chef’s assistant) PREP

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