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USA Today – Oct 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Delta of Venus’ author Anais NIN
‘Odds ___ . . .’ ARE
‘Tosca’ or ‘Aida’ OPERA
10, on a scale of 1 to 10 IDEAL
Await a decision PEND
Awful-smelling FETID
Bandage brand ACE
Battery fluid ACID
Bloat, as one’s abdomen DISTEND
BP gas brand AMOCO
Bring shame to ABASE
By no means 29-Down ARID
Cartel including the UAE OPEC
Character with a descender, perhaps LOWERCASELETTER
Chef’s splatter catcher APRON
Circus Maximus locale ROME
Classic toy wagon brand RADIOFLYER
Decked out CLAD
DeWitt Clinton’s canal ERIE
Dismiss unceremoniously AXE
Driving-range array TEES
Election day lineups SLATES
Far from original BANAL
Fighting tooth and nail ATIT
Flea or fly PEST
Foamy coffee order LATTE
Foot and fathom, for two UNITS
Gasp or wince, e.g REACT
General Bradley OMAR
Green energy option SOLAR
Gulf sultanate OMAN
Hard-to-ignore impulse URGE
Hobby farm dwellers ANTS
Home to about 4.5 billion ASIA
Hook’s aide SMEE
Hosted, as a pageant EMCEED
Housekeeping worker MAID
Hurlers of good-natured insults ROASTERS
In need of a recharge DEAD
Increase, with ‘up’ AMP
It may be pumped or bumped FIST
It may include a dental plan BENEFITSPACKAGE
Like a tropical forest’s climate RAINY
Like an open border, perhaps Unfenced
Like King Minos CRETAN
Like much diet fare, informally LOFAT
Like the center space, in Bingo FREE
Make public AIR
McGregor of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ EWAN
NBA or NFL factoid STAT
Newscast segment ITEM
Nissan sedan ALTIMA
Off one’s rocker LOCO
Part of a crooked deck MARKEDCARD
Pentathlete’s sword EPEE
Place for a throw pillow SOFA
Plenty angry SORE
Pollen holder SAC
Poor dog’s portion, in rhyme NONE
Prom night wheels LIMO
Racetrack boundary RAIL
River past the Sphinx NILE
Rummy cake BABA
Sax great Getz STAN
Share a border with ABUT
Slip occupant BOAT
Sound of a wooden shoe CLOP
Tanning lotion letters SPF
Tennis judge’s call LET
Test-driven cars DEMOS
Unscheduled, so far (Abbr.) TBA
Vaudeville bit SKIT
Visa competitor, for short AMEX
Way out there AFAR
Wine glass feature STEM
With suspicion, as a look ASKANCE
Young kiltie LAD
Zodiac beast RAM