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USA Today – Oct 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aye’ voter PRO
‘Frankenstein’ assistant IGOR
‘Germinal’ novelist Zola EMILE
‘Match Game’ sextet PANEL
‘My guess is . . .’ IDSAY
‘Well, whaddya know?’ GEEWHIZ
Beach umbrella’s offering SHADE
Beat a hasty retreat FLEE
Boarding pass datum ZONE
Boars and sows SWINE
Bronzer lotions enhance them TANS
Buffalo wings, e.g FINGERFOOD
Carpet cutter’s calculation AREA
Chalupa filling GROUNDBEEF
Check endorsers’ needs PENS
College lecturer, for short PROF
Compete like Joey Chestnut EAT
Cookies in McFlurrys OREOS
Finds intolerable DETESTS
Flight school highlights SOLOS
Gets on, so to speak AGES
Got into a saddle SAT
Had staying power LASTED
Hand figure projected onto a wall SHADOWPUPPET
Have faith in, with ‘on’ RELY
Have high ambitions ASPIRE
Hawaiian tuna AHI
Here and there ABOUT
Honeycomb builder BEE
Inched along CREPT
Kachina doll-making tribe HOPI
Kernel holder COB
Knight’s mount STEED
Lake near Reno TAHOE
Like a tavern’s smell, perhaps BEERY
Mad Hatter’s cupful TEA
Maker of Swift laptops ACER
Marge’s firstborn BART
Moe Howard hairdo feature BANGS
More secure SAFER
Need ibuprofen ACHE
Neighbor of Leb SYR
No longer sleeping ASTIR
Not even a smidgen NONE
Overhead bin fillers BAGS
P, in a fraternity name RHO
Pad ___ (Asian noodle dish) THAI
Pear discard STEM
Peggy who sang ‘Fever’ LEE
Petty arguments TIFFS
Pirates’ milieux SEAS
Plant with fronds FERN
Pooh’s melancholy friend EEYORE
Punk or funk, e.g GENRE
Receive stolen goods from, say ABET
Respected older man, to a child FATHERFIGURE
Rudder’s locale REAR
Scarlett of literature OHARA
Second word of ‘The Raven’ UPON
Serape, e.g SHAWL
Serengeti antelope IMPALA
Shelf-sitter of kid-lit ELF
Sleep disorder APNEA
Soak in the tub BATHE
Subject to assessment TAXABLE
Take out of the freezer THAW
The Beatles’ ‘___ the Walrus’ IAM
Took the gold WON
Treat delicately BABY
Trickler down one’s cheek TEAR
Tries for a floating apple BOBS
Twice-monthly tide NEAP
Vegan’s protein source TOFU
Village skyline feature SPIRE
Wasted time with trivialities TRIFLED
Wrinkle-reducing injection BOTOX
Writer’s block breaker IDEA
___ stick (springy toy) POGO