USA Today – Oct 27 2018

Clues Answers
‘Go back,’ on a PC UNDO
Aboard, in baseball ONBASE
Acrobat software company ADOBE
Ancient port of Phoenicia TYRE
Austin Powers neckwear ASCOT
BB propellant AIR
Be crazy about ADORE
Be in arrears OWE
Berry in smoothies ACAI
Biblical brother of Seth ABEL
Blue-green hue AQUA
Book jacket blurb, perhaps BIO
Breakfast mix with rolled oats MUESLI
Broken-down horses NAGS
Brubeck’s music JAZZ
Carob unit POD
Catch forty winks NAP
Cockpit fig ALT
Corn Belt city OMAHA
Corn Belt state IOWA
Cruise stopovers ISLES
Desert illusion MIRAGE
Dieter’s lunch, perhaps SALAD
En route GOING
Enlightenment, in Zen SATORI
Finnish cellphone giant NOKIA
Garden products brand ORTHO
Gets beaten, barely LOSESBYAWHISKER
Go into seclusion HIDE
Got grayer, perhaps AGED
Green eyes or freckles, e.g TRAIT
Hidden, as talent LATENT
Horn sounds TOOTS
How many untrained musicians play BYEAR
Iberian Peninsula river EBRO
Indonesian tourist mecca BALI
Innie or outie NAVEL
Item on andirons LOG
Jesse of the 1936 Olympics OWENS
Like karaoke tunes SUNG
Like Robinson Crusoe, at first ALONE
MBA’s subj ECON
Mireille of ‘The Catch’ ENOS
Mobiles and murals, e.g ART posting JOB
Most collectible, perhaps RAREST
Mother lode yield ORE
Negotiator’s goal DEAL
One who’s next in line HEIR
Part of a Monopoly set BOARD
Potato-processing gadget RICER
Prepare to turn SIGNAL
Preschool song start ABC
Privy to INON
Puccini title heroine TOSCA
Quotable Yankee great BERRA
ROY G. BIV color RED
Sch. for future ensigns USNA
Sensitive, as a subject SORE
Shakespeare’s river AVON
Shows annoyance, subtly BATSANEYELASH
Sixth Greek letter ZETA
Slow-moving mammal SLOTH
Some ice cream buys PINTS
Start of a squeeze play BUNT
The ‘Fat’ in ‘Fat Tuesday’ GRAS
Threat-ending phrase ORELSE
Touch upon ABUT
Twilled suit fabric SERGE
Typically black woodwind OBOE
Uplifting garment BRA
Word before story or sister SOB
Word with fan or snail MAIL
Words from Will Rogers QUIP
___ firma (solid ground) TERRA

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