USA Today – Oct 28 2018

Clues Answers
‘Grace Before Meat’ essayist ELIA
‘Grace Before Meat’ painter Jan STEEN
‘Just kidding’ NOT
‘King of the road’ HOBO
‘Little green man’ ALIEN
1 or 11, in blackjack ACE
Any minigolf shot PUTT
Any of four English galleries TATE
Apres-ski bowlful HOTSOUP
Banjo virtuoso Fleck BELA
Barclays Center hoopsters NETS
Barista’s artistic creation LATTE
Big Mac pair PATTIES
Big name in orange juice MINUTEMAID
Blissful place EDEN
Collar stiffener STAY
Combat vet’s stress disorder SHELLSHOCK
Common cameo shape OVAL
Corned beef holder, perhaps RYE
Create a PDF of, perhaps SCAN
Dante’s inferno HELL
Declares solemnly AVOWS
Deli fixture SCALE
Duchess of Sussex, e.g TITLE
Facial tissue additive ALOE
Fiery gemstone OPAL
Forest clearing GLADE
Full of zip ALIVE
Gertrude Stein partner Alice B TOKLAS
Give in a little BEND
Give off EMIT
Glazed square TILE
Go splitsville PART
Gossip that’s ‘dished’ DIRT
Half-moon-shaped window LUNETTE
Hertz competitor AVIS
Iowa State’s city AMES
Latvian port RIGA
Laundromat buy SOAP
Like a tuned string TAUT
Looie’s underling SARGE
Made the scene CAME
Margarita garnish SALT
Monopoly turn ROLL
Much binary code ONES
Musical with Grizabella CATS
Nametag word HELLO
Nash’s ‘one-l’ priest LAMA
Nehi drinker on ‘M*A*S*H’ RADAR
Neighbor of Yemen OMAN
New Haven collegians ELIS
Not booked OPEN
Notable first for a baby STEP
Place to graze LEA
Place to slalom SLOPE
Played for time STALLED
Poison sumac consequence RASH
Protectors of the Pope SWISSGUARD
Real estate measures ACRES
Respond to reveille ARISE
Risque card game STRIPPOKER
Rod Stewart hairdo SHAG
Salad bar cube CROUTON
Second-stringer SCRUB
Seth of ‘Knocked Up’ ROGEN
Shakespearean poems SONNETS
Some building additions ELLS
Squirrel’s home OAK
Sudden outpouring SPATE
T. rex in ‘Jurassic Park,’ e.g CLONE
Takes a rest REPOSES
Teacher’s favorite PET
This puzzle’s 78 CLUES
Timbuktu’s land MALI
Tummy-flattening garment CORSET
Voice higher than tenor ALTO
Where ibises wade NILE
___-friendly (simple to operate) USER

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