USA Today – Oct 30 2018

Clues Answers
‘Beauty ___ Witch’ (Shakespeare poem) ISA
‘Heartburn’ novelist Ephron NORA
‘It won’t be long’ SOON
‘Nana’ novelist Zola EMILE
‘Riverdance’ dance IRISHREEL
‘The Lion King’ group PRIDE
‘Waiting for Lefty’ playwright Clifford ODETS
‘What ___ can I say?’ ELSE
28-Across’ milieu AISLE
About 30 percent of Earth’s land area ASIA
Andy’s raggedy friend ANN
Avail oneself of UTILIZE
Birds’ resting spots PERCHES
Catch some Z’s SNOOZE
CBS cop show for 10 seasons CSIMIAMI
Clinical drug test TRIAL
Courteney of ‘Friends’ COX
Cow’s re-chewed fare CUD
Croc or sandal SHOE
Curie with two Nobels MARIE
Do some patchwork SEW
Dutch illusionary artist M.C ESCHER
Enthusiasm, plus ZEAL
Entry before a password USERID
Eton, to Harrow RIVAL
Fail to include OMIT
For all, as a salon UNISEX
Goods sold abroad EXPORTS
Goose egg, so to speak ZERO
Grapple with TAKEON
Gravity-driven cable ride ZIPLINE
Grp. that affects 37-Across prices OPEC
Haunted house sound MOAN
Highbrow type ELITIST
In the offing TOCOME
Incisor or cuspid TOOTH
Internet user’s lure CLICKBAIT
It’s mostly nitrogen AIR
Key Persian Gulf cargo OIL
Like most seafood in sashimi RAW
Member’s payment DUES
Memory jogger NOTE
Nation with Quechua speakers PERU
Of the flesh CARNAL
Optional feature EXTRA
Otologist’s focus EAR
Pack in a crate, say ENCASE
Passed with flying colors ACED
Pirate pursued by a crocodile CAPTAINHOOK
Places to 20-Across SLOPES
Portuguese island group AZORES
Preserves with salt CURES
Provide support to AID
Ranter’s feeling IRE
Real-time online notes, for short IMS
Relaxed state EASE
Roaring Twenties, e.g DECADE
Scraped together, with ‘out’ EKED
Showed the way LED
Slough off SHED
Snow removal vehicle PLOW
Source of fleece EWE
Struck, old-style SMOTE
Suffix with kitchen or luncheon ETTE
Tango requirement TWO
Tennis serve that doesn’t count LET
Thesaurus compiler ROGET
Three-time ring foe of Frazier ALI
Toy gun’s sound POP
Twice-a-month shore occurrence NEAPTIDE
Use cusswords SWEAR
Walk nervously PACE
Wedding party member USHER
Whale groups PODS
Without exception ALL
Y-shaped stick for water seekers DIVININGROD
Zigzagging ski event SLALOM

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