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USA Today – Oct 31 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Hold on, I’ve changed my mind!’ NOWAIT
‘I had no idea!’ GEE
‘I was out of town at the time,’ e.g ALIBI
‘Lo-cal,’ in ads LITE
‘Made for Moments’ TV brand RCA
‘We need to hash this out!’ LETSTALK
3-Down alternative UBER
Act the snoop PRY
Appear to be SEEM
Ascended, as a cliff SCALED
Austin Powers nemesis DREVIL
Avocado dip, casually GUAC
Bed ___ & Beyond BATH
Bert Bobbsey’s twin NAN
Bond or Bourne SPY
Cadillac CTS and Lincoln MKZ SEDANS
Camera named for a goddess EOS
Camper’s cookware MESSKIT
Car named for an inventor TESLA
Castaway’s distress call SOS
Clatter or chatter NOISE
Concert finale, often ENCORE
Contemptible sort SWINE
Corn or potatoes FOODSTAPLE
Crate marker’s aid STENCIL
Descends a cliff RAPPELS
Dracula, after shapeshifting BAT
DuPont acrylic fiber ORLON
Features of some school uniform skirts BOXPLEATS
Flappers’ hairdos BOBS
Frosted Flakes tiger TONY
Give up one’s amateur standing GOPRO
Gossip magazine twosome ITEM
Green of ‘Dark Shadows’ EVA
Greet the day ARISE
Handsome, as a sum TIDY
Harry’s best friend at Hogwarts RON
Hawks and doves BIRDS
Hired ride TAXI
Hotel shuttle, perhaps VAN
House of Commons politicos, for short MPS
In the doldrums SAD
Indigenous plant life FLORA
It may be cast in November BALLOT
Klutzy sort OAF
Majestic trees ELMS
Matt of ‘Going in Style’ DILLON
Meaty part of a crab CLAW
Not on the job OFF
Ooze, as through cracks SEEP
Openly declare AVOW
Painting medium similar to crayons OILPASTEL
Pitchman’s pitch SPIEL
Pool noodles, e.g FLOATS
Rachel’s love interest on ‘Friends’ ROSS
Really go for ADORE
Really small TEENY
Robbie of ‘I, Tonya’ MARGOT
Rose Bowl city PASADENA
Scrooge’s interjection BAH
Shape of some coffee tables OVAL
Singer James portrayed by Beyonce ETTA
Skillet material CASTIRON
Some hosp. staffers LPNS
Stock exchange memberships SEATS
Storage area beneath the rafters ATTIC
Sun Valley’s state (Abbr.) IDA
The Osmonds, by birth UTAHNS
The works ALL
They may be strewn at weddings ROSEPETALS
Tour of duty HITCH
Unseats, as an elected official VOTESOUT
What many fidget toys do SPIN
Where slop is served STY
Word after tank or tube TOP
Zapped with a stun gun TASED
___ up (pay) ANTE