USA Today – Oct 7 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Bye Bye Bye’ boy band NSYNC
‘He who ___ it dealt it’ SMELT
‘I figured it out!’ AHA
‘I goofed!’ OOPS
‘I won’t ___ for this!’ STAND
‘I’m ___!’ (‘That’s hilarious!’) DEAD
‘Of course!’ SURE
‘Telephone’ singer LADYGAGA
‘Telephone’ singer, for short BEY
Actress Rae ISSA
Amazement AWE
Astros, in the 2021 World Series LOSERS
Barbecue spice mix RUB
Be in debt OWE
Belle, in a Disney title BEAUTY
Born and ___ BRED
Ciudad del ___, Paraguay ESTE
Ding on a fender DENT
Easy jigsaw piece to place EDGE
Extra tire SPARE
Famous ___ cookies AMOS
Finds another purpose for REUSES
Flatbread made with atta ROTI
Fox’s burrow DEN
Fuel efficiency stat, for short MPG
Fully satisfy SATE
Fuzzy boots UGGS
Gaining momentum PICKINGUPSTEAM
Green pond growth ALGAE
Grow to become BLOSSOMINTO
Holder of flowers VASE
Houses with two separate units DUPLEXES
In progress ONGOING
In the style of ALA
Kiyomizu-dera Temple’s country JAPAN
Language spoken in Guyana (Abbr.) ENG
Largest human organ SKIN
Lay eyes on SEE
Leading the polls AHEAD
LGBTQ celebration PRIDE
Like a juicy, aromatic mango RIPE
Like a wire with current LIVE
Like the Sahara SANDY
Linguist’s speech notation system (Abbr.) IPA
Make very happy ELATE
Marinara, for example TOMATOSAUCE
Masa dish sometimes made in a banana leaf TAMALE
Metal with the chemical symbol Fe IRON
Movie credits info CAST
Not odd EVEN
Otherwise ELSE
Paradise in the Torah EDEN
People who built Machu Picchu INCAS
Pickle container JAR
Piece of furniture by a nightstand BED
Place to park a car LOT
Plopped down SAT
Posing questions ASKING
Require NEED
River-blocking constructions DAMS
Rounded building tops DOMES
Scored some exams GRADED
Sign outside a store OPEN
Slightly off AMISS
Spot on a die or playing card PIP
Status for an email or text SENT
Teacups or Tilt-A-Whirl RIDE
Time to chill, for short VACAY
Turn a pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern CARVE
Unit abbreviated to ‘g’ GRAM
Use a keyboard TYPE
Value of the Roman numeral X TEN
Verbal exams ORALS
Was very fond of LOVED
Watch brand TIMEX
Word before ‘noodles’ or ‘coffee’ INSTANT
___ Mountains (range through Colorado) ROCKY

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