USA Today – Oct 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘Cast Away’ craft RAFT
‘i.e.’ spelled out IDEST
‘Let me rephrase that . . .’ IMEAN
‘No Solicitors’ sign spot DOOR
‘The Queen of Hearts’ pastry TART
‘The Simpsons’ grandpa ABE
‘Who’s Who’ article, briefly BIO
A nephew of Donald Duck LOUIE
Airbnb expense RENT
As desired, in recipes TOTASTE
At the crest of ATOP
Awaiting a pitch ATBAT
Babysitter’s handful IMP
Bar mitzvah and baptism RITES
Bean in much chili PINTO
Beau ___ (noble act) GESTE
Beer drinker’s overhang GUT
Blanc who voiced Daffy Duck MEL
Bloom’s beginning BUD
Boardwalk walk STROLL
Brazilian port, familiarly RIO
Capable of succeeding VIABLE
Cash, slangily MOOLA
Cattle drive locale RANGE
Challenger, to a champion FOE
Clued in about ONTO
Complete with crayons COLORIN
Crafts store chain HOBBYLOBBY
Crime drama genre, for short NOIR
Damaged beyond repair TOTALED
Drink with scones TEA
Farmer’s wake-up call, perhaps CROW
Fe, in chemistry IRON
Fiery feeling ARDOR
First name in scat ELLA
Fraternity H ETA
Gutter ball’s pin count ZERO
Handles roughly PAWS
Have a conniption RAGE
Having ruffles, say FRILLY
Holster contents PISTOL
Hydroelectric power agcy TVA
Insurance agent’s quote RATE
It may end with ‘or else!’ THREAT
Keanu Reeves’ cybercriminal NEO
Korean War jets MIGS
Letters without postage EMAIL
Lifter of one’s spirits MOODELEVATOR
Line to Ben Gurion ELAL
Low-frequency speaker WOOFER
Newspaper bureau covering games SPORTSDESK
One of the gang PAL
Online meeting places VIRTUALROOMS
Outdated anesthetic ETHER
Pantyhose problems RUNS
Peanut butter and jelly, for two SPREADS
Place for a flag pin LAPEL
Planet’s pivot AXIS
Porridge-cooking bear MAMA
Preparer of briefs LAWYER
Sci-fi weapon sound ZAP
Scrub at Canaveral ABORT
Six-sided state UTAH
Smooth-talking OILY
Soften one’s stance RELENT
Sushi bar libations SAKES
They may clash on a set EGOS
Tiny energy source ATOM
Trireme propeller OAR
Uber charge FARE
Undefined amount ANY
Visionary’s spark IDEA
Welcome forecast for picnickers FAIR
Where nuthatches hatch NEST
Where trapeze artists meet MIDAIR
Word after paper or vapor TRAIL
Yoked laborers OXEN

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