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USA Today – Oct 8 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Cheap Thrills’ singer SIA
‘Enough procrastinating’ ITSTIME
‘It’s freezing!’ BRR
‘Mary ___ a Little Lamb’ HAD
‘That’s all wrong!’ NONONO
‘This Is Us’ network NBC
‘Yes, although . . .’ TRUEBUT
‘___ be in touch’ ILL
A-listers might wait in one VIPLINE
Acronymic sandwiches BLTS
Alter ___ EGO
Apt first name for a lawyer SUE
Attorneys’ org ABA
Bad, like some failures ABJECT
Bad, like some TV TRASHY
Binary code digits ONES
Cisneros or Tafolla, e.g CHICANA
City where the Globe is published BOSTON
Clothing ATTIRE
Confirm-deny separator NOR
Correct typos in, say EDIT
Delicate fabric LACE
Droids, for example BOTS
End of some hotel names INN
Face-covering veils NIQABS
First letter in the Greek spelling of ‘Psyche’ PSI
Flattering poem ODE
Florida city home to Ybor City TAMPA
Fried ___ and cheese balls MAC
Frosty quality ICINESS
Fuzzy ___ (car accessory) DICE
Gamer’s annoyance LAG
Highland terrier, informally SCOTTIE
In a ___ of speaking MANNER
Increases UPS
Josephine Baker or Lady Gaga, e.g BIICON
Keurig pod KCUP
Key next to Q TAB
Latin for ‘from the beginning’ ABINITIO
Leaning Tower’s home PISA
Like a rumpled bed UNMADE
Luxurious properties ESTATES
Luxury German car, slangily BEEMER
Major discount chain KMART
Make fuzzy, in a way BLUROUT
Modern abolitionist’s bane JAIL
Negative aspect CON
Nonspoken approvals NODS
Obscene LEWD
Off-road ride QUADBIKE
Often-seared tuna AHI
One might be prophetic DREAM
Pan for stir-frying WOK
Parrot or sparrow BIRD
People with easygoing personalities TYPEBS
Perfume container VIAL
Prefix for ‘agree’ DIS
Public Ivy in the Golden State UCLA
Really resonate HITHOME
Red wine type MERLOT
Response to oversharing TMI
Rico Nasty genre TRAPMUSIC
Sculptor, say ARTIST
Shirt style POLO
Shrimp relative PRAWN
Singing alone SOLOING
Sound of rattling dishes CLATTER
Surprising sound within ‘kaboom’ BOO
Suspicious offer, perhaps SCAM
The Beehive State UTAH
Three-sided beef cut TRITIP
Throws high LOBS
TV studio session TAPING
Unpleasant smell ODOR
Was dressed in WORE
___-folk (Phoebe Bridgers genre) EMO