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USA Today – Sep 1 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A Sorta Fairytale’ singer Tori AMOS
‘Skyfall’ singer ADELE
‘The Bridge of San Luis ___’ REY
‘Three Coins . . .’ fountain TREVI
‘Three up, three down’ trio OUTS
17-Across or louse PEST
1980s foe of Iraq IRAN
Befitting a king REGAL
Beverage that may be topped with art LATTE
Bit of folk wisdom ADAGE
Blemishes caused by toads, in folklore WARTS
Business school subj ECON
Chekhov who wrote ‘Uncle Vanya’ ANTON
Clog-clearing brand DRANO
Country music mecca, for short OPRY
Cummerbund’s spot WAIST
Data backup medium TAPE
Davis Cup org USTA
Day care attendee TYKE
Eco-friendly cars TESLAS
Eel with a second set of jaws MORAY
Eeler’s trap POT
Fathered on the farm SIRED
Faux ___ (misstep) PAS
Fuel from bogs PEAT
Full-price payer, perhaps ADULT
Genesis craft ARK
Give the slip to EVADE
Grid great Sayers GALE
Honda model since 1976 ACCORD
Honor an anthem STAND
Hotshot pilot ACE
Iditarod, e.g RACE
Ill-mannered sorts CADS
Is nostalgic for MISSES
It may be flat PUNCTUREDTIRE
It may be natural CARBONATEDWATER
It may be sharp CHEDDARCHEESE
Lead-in to date or room ANTE
Lilly of pharmaceuticals ELI
Many English degs BAS
Mariah Carey’s label EPIC
Mary of ‘The Maltese Falcon’ ASTOR
Matched up, with ‘in’ SYNC
McDonald’s logo part ARCH
Miami Marlins part-owner Jeter DEREK
More than just suggest URGE
Musk quality ODOR
Narcotic fruit of Greek myth LOTUS
Of interest to ornithologists AVIAN
On tenterhooks AGOG
Paddled at an initiation, say HAZED
Paper quantity REAM
Parasite of deer TICK
Place for a stent ARTERY
Planetary rulers, in a Boulle novel APES
Politico Cruz TED
Postgraduate study LAW
Prefix with bot or second NANO
Puts up with ABIDES
Resolve, with ‘out’ IRON
Said ‘uncle’ GAVE
Sauce made with pine nuts PESTO
Seemingly forever AGES
Self-involvement EGO
Sitarist’s song RAGA
Site of the fall of man EDEN
Some chem classes LABS
Sonata finale, often CODA
Soul mate? BODY
Stereotypical sci-fi scientists MADMEN
The Muses, e.g NONET
Tight, as a drum head TAUT
Unlikely to work hard LAZY
Unsaid, but understood TACIT
Use a Kindle, e.g READ
W.C. Handy’s ‘___ Street Blues’ BEALE
When ‘Et tu, Brute?’ is uttered IDES