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USA Today – Sep 10 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aladdin’ prince ALI
‘Buying’ or ‘selling,’ e.g GERUND
‘Purgatorio’ poet DANTE
‘Snake eyes’ value TWO
‘___ losing it?’ AMI
Acting and singing, for two TALENTS
Assayer’s sample ORE
Audi logo quartet RINGS
Backsplash installer TILER
Banded quartz AGATE
Boarding areas GATES
Bugling beast ELK
Car-door blemishes DINGS
Clad like a justice ENROBED
Claro residue ASH
Color similar to khaki TAN
Compete at 31-Down, perhaps EAT
Country star Black CLINT
County festivals FAIRS
Daylight’s beginning CRACKOFDAWN
Dept. store inventory MDSE
Deviate erratically, at sea YAW
Distribute, as confetti STREW
Election Day slips BALLOTS
Ferris wheel unit CAR
Grain grinder MILL
Grenade activator PIN
Handlebar parts GRIPS
Happens upon FINDS
Having no partner LONE
HDTV screen type LCD
Home to Sherpas NEPAL
Homecoming queen’s topper TIARA
Icy confection SNOCONE
Lickety-split, in verse APACE
Like a grumpy old man ORNERY
Like a julep or mojito MINTY
Literary Finn, informally HUCK
Make do, somehow COPE
Mystical chant MANTRA
Newborn, so to speak BUNDLEOFJOY
Newsroom honchos ANCHORS
Northwest Passage explorer John RAE
Org. that promotes flossing ADA
Pirate’s ‘Stop!’ AVAST
Place for tips JAR
Portrayer of Solo and Jones FORD
Preparing for a selfie, say POSING
Pressed-in fastener TACK
Prevent via intimidation DETER
Pricey timepiece ROLEX
Profit from stock sales, e.g CAPITALGAIN
Racetrack nail-biter PHOTOFINISH
Reason for a vacation PLEASURE
Rebellion leader Turner NAT
Remove with a Pink Pearl ERASE
Result of an extraction GAP
Says in return RESPONDS
Scarecrow’s wish, in Oz BRAIN
Site of a Nile dam ASWAN
Socially superior sorts ELITE
Strongly advise URGE
Strongly advises EXHORTS
Summoning at an airport, e.g PAGING
Tailor’s concern FIT
They have legs and seats PANTS
Title for Francis Drake SIR
To the extent that ASFARAS
Triangular snacks DORITOS
Vinyl record half SIDEA
Visibly terrified PALE
What tinted windshields reduce GLARE
Work on 36-Across, perhaps SEW
Wrinkly grapefruit hybrid UGLI
YouTube fare VIDEOS
___ acid (DNA component) AMINO