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USA Today – Sep 11 2018

Published in L.A. Times Crossword. Tags: , , , , , .

Clues Answers
‘Ain’t Misbehavin” composer Fats WALLER
‘Can-Can’ author Burrows ABE
‘To repeat . . .’ AGAIN
All-hrs. convenience, perhaps ATM
Announce, as a candidacy DECLARE
Apple backup service ICLOUD
Audiophile’s ‘vinyl’ LPS
Battery unit VOLT
Beams with pride GLOWS
Belle’s suitor BEAU
Blow it ERR
Cereal in party mixes CHEX
Choice seating at a theater BOX
Christmas card word NOEL
Cobbler’s supply HEELS
Contest mail-in ENTRY
Corrida figure MATADOR
Cut from the newspaper CLIP
Deer fellow STAG
Descartes quote word ERGO
Did a diner job BUSED
Early producer of color TVs RCA
Edmonton skater OILER
Exam for an aspiring atty LSAT
Facebook group FRIENDLIST
Flared garments ALINES
Friday portrayer on ‘Dragnet’ WEBB
Garfield and Odie, for two PETS
Get in on a poker game ANTE
Glare or glower FIERCELOOK
Greer novel with a 2018 Pulitzer LESS
Hambletonian gait TROT
Honor lavishly FETE
In days of yore AGO
In fighting trim FIT
Is indisposed AILS
It’s heard from a herd MOO
Jason’s craft ARGO
Kids’ racers GOKARTS
Like a bassoon’s sound REEDY
Link letters URL
London’s ___ Square TRAFALGAR
Mane’s place NAPE
Much more than 40-Across LOTS
Needed Aleve, say ACHED
Non-Twitter tweet CHIRP
Not very many AFEW
One doing House work AIDE
Oust from office UNSEAT
Oysters’ breeding grounds BEDS
Packers great Starr BART
Pastry sweetener, typically REFINEDSUGAR
Pepperoni, e.g SALAMI
Persist over time LAST
Piece of paintball gear GUN
Play the role of ACTAS
Pollution control org EPA
Pricey topper for crackers CAVIAR
Quaking in one’s boots FEARFUL
Quick-thinking AGILE
Region east of the Urals ASIA
Rob of ‘90210’ ESTES
Sets free, in a way UNTIES
Shakespeare, with ‘the’ BARD
Sit at a red light, say IDLE
Slangy prefix meaning ‘super’ UBER
Surface measure AREA
The Bruins’ sch UCLA
Tiny bit IOTA
Unconcerned with right and wrong AMORAL
Unstoppable force, so to speak FREIGHTTRAIN
Whip-cracking circus performer LIONTAMER
Witness-stand taboo LIE
Word on an invitation WHERE
Worse than bad AWFUL
Zagreb native CROAT
___ Geo (TV channel, familiarly) NAT