USA Today – Sep 11 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Collect yourself!’ GETAGRIP
‘Come see me soon!’ MISSYA
‘Coming right up!’ WILLDO
‘Consider the job done!’ IMONIT
‘Decent work!’ NOTBAD
‘It Ain’t Over ___ It’s Over’ TIL
‘North Face’ singer ODIE
‘To ___ her own’ EACH
‘Why should ___?’ (‘So?’) ICARE
‘Without further ___ . . .’ ADO
‘___ we all?’ ARENT
All’s counterpart NONE
Alterations pro TAILOR
Animal in the rabbit family HARE
Animal such as the pudu DEER
Animal that can learn to run just minutes after it’s born GNU
Appreciative poems ODES
BangtanTV band BTS
Bank transactions LOANS
Battery for a calculator AAA
Bench or couch SEAT
Birds associated with wisdom OWLS
Bone also known as the scapula SHOULDERBLADE
Boo-boo OWIE
Business magnate MOGUL
Card with two A’s on it ACE
CD-___ (computer inserts) ROMS
Cell signal symbols BARS
Clinic test runners LABTECHS
Clip-in material HAIR
Comes down from the air LANDS
Country with 52,455 islands CANADA
Cover removed to pump fuel GASCAP
Covered stadium ARENA
Dirtiest Great Lake ERIE
Donkey ASS
Employee monitoring camera feeds SECURITYGUARD
Even score TIE
Expels from office OUSTS
Fable messages MORALS
Freestyle skier Gu EILEEN
Garbage can’s output ODOR
Granny NANA
Instrument for Vi Redd ALTOSAX
Keto is one DIET
Knight’s horse STEED
Language learned by many CODAs ASL
Luge, for example SLED
Magic medicine ELIXIR
Make revisions to EDIT
Mile run or marathon RACE
Mine finds ORES
Newspaper section ARTS
Noodles milder than soba UDON
Nothing, in Spanish NADA
Number of points for a B or C in Scrabble THREE
Opinion surveys POLLS
Ordinances LAWS
Org. with AIT scanners TSA
Pacific Northwest state IDAHO
Path for a bus (Abbr.) RTE
Person a product is ultimately for ENDUSER
Person who’s easy to dupe SAP
Prefix for ‘corn’ or ‘form’ UNI
Prepare anji bai cha BREW
Promo designed to pique curiosity TEASERAD
Ruth Negga’s nationality IRISH
Sail holder MAST
Say out loud UTTER
Soon-to-be grads (Abbr.) SRS
Spanish equivalent of Mrs SRA
Stitched SEWN
Super uncommon RARE
Tissue containers BOXES
Tool for chopping wood AXE
Unchangeable SETINSTONE
___ ball (event in ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’) DEB
___-ace ARO

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