USA Today – Sep 12 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Ah, got it’ ISEE
‘For here’ alternative TOGO
‘Hold ___ this for me’ ONTO
‘Let It Go’ singer Menzel IDINA
‘Not true!’ LIAR
‘Not true!’ NUHUH
‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ co-author Haley ALEX
2019 sci-fi movie ‘Fast ___’ COLOR
46-Across’ state UTAH
Acquire GET
ATM charges FEES
Australian tree-hugger KOALA
Baked ___ and cheese MAC
Beer barrel KEG
Bit of permanent body art, for short TAT
Boat pulling a barge TUG
Calculates a sum ADDS
Certainly, for short DEF
Committee head CHAIRPERSON
Complete collection SET
Crow’s call CAW
D&D is one RPG
Deep-___ diving SEA
Feline CAT
Firework sound BANG
First performance DEBUT
Food label replaced by ‘bioengineered’ GMO
Genre related to skramz EMO
GloRilla genre RAP
Glowing gas NEON
Got older AGED
Grab a ___ to eat BITE
Greek god of war ARES
Greek I IOTA
Info gathered in an experiment DATA
Jamaican music genre SKA
Journalists report it NEWS
Love, in Spanish AMOR
Lower limb LEG
Miles ___ hour PER
Minor deity DEMIGOD
Mufasa, to Simba DAD
Nickname for the Golden State CALI
Nickname that drops the ‘iel’ DAN
Officially forbid BAN
Part of a molecule ATOM
Referenced CITED
Request for divine intervention PRAYER
Rhyming name for a repurposed train track RAILTRAIL
Small amount TAD
Small fly GNAT
South Indian breakfast dishes DOSAS
Squeak of alarm EEK
State capital named for a body of water (Abbr.) SLC
Stretch across SPAN
Sweetener in Mexican Coca-Cola CANESUGAR
Take a break REST
The ___ Sutra KAMA
Thing in a shopping cart ITEM
Time ___ (test of speed) TRIAL
Tries to get a higher raise NEGOTIATES
Type of musical group named for where they might rehearse GARAGEBAND
Use dumbbells or barbells LIFTWEIGHTS
Utility bill measurement USAGE
Very, for short RLY
Voice part between soprano and tenor ALTO
Was aware KNEW
Was wearing SPORTED
Waterproof coverings for tents TARPS
Way to make an online image accessible ALTTEXT
White ___ (sacred herb affected by overharvesting) SAGE
Wooded areas FORESTS
Wrestlers’ goals PINS
___ de Jean Charles, Louisiana ISLE

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