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USA Today – Sep 13 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Dibs!’ MINE
‘Eri tu,’ e.g ARIA
‘Les Miserables’ city PARIS
‘Listen up!’ TAKEHEED
‘The Surgeon’ author Gerritsen TESS
‘Woe is me!’ ALAS
17-Across’ land, in poetry ERIN
2004 Masters winner Mickelson PHIL
Acknowledges applause BOWS
After the buzzer LATE
Annoy to no end BADGER
Appetizer tray tidbit CARROT
Avoids a trial SETTLES
Become limp, like a bouquet WILT
Beyond tipsy LIT
Bits of dialogue LINES
Blog piece ENTRY
Bombards with cyberjunk SPAMS
Book jacket bit BIO
Call from the crow’s-nest AHOY
College reunion figure YEAR
Cop in a 49-Down NARC
Die’s six FACES
Dirty old man ROUE
Draw back in fear COWER
Excitingly fast-paced SLAMBANG
Express lane unit ITEM
Fixated fictional captain AHAB
Fresh start, so to speak CLEANSLATE
Garden center bagful SOIL
Gel-producing plant ALOE
Gives a hand to AIDS
Held fast CLUNG
Hospital’s capacity BEDS
Insult good-naturedly ROAST
Jeans go-with, often TEE
Jekyll’s alter ego HYDE
Job for Perry Mason CASE
Letters of urgency ASAP
Like an 8-by-10-inch publicity photo GLOSSY
Lou Gehrig, ‘the ___ Horse’ IRON
Many a McJob holder TEEN
Maria portrayer in ‘West Side Story’ NATALIEWOOD
Molten outpouring LAVA
Multicolored shooter AGATEMARBLE
Nickel and dime COINS
One of two ‘dukes’ FIST
Peace talks goal PACT
Perjure oneself LIE
Place for a napkin LAP
Pothole’s place ROAD
Promgoer’s purchase GOWN
Puts on YouTube, say AIRS
Reunion groups CLASSES
Singapore’s locale ASIA
Sit for a bit REST
Site of the Blarney Stone COUNTYCORK
Slip by, as time ELAPSE
Some geometry calculations AREAS
Southwest competitor DELTA
Spots for wasps’ nests EAVES
Starbucks topper LID
Stopover with a keeper INN
Tens and twenties, e.g CASH
They’re run up at bars TABS
Title for Charlie Chaplin SIR
Took one’s leave WENT
Turns on the waterworks BAWLS
Typeface like Helvetica ARIAL
Valid, as an argument SOUND
Vehicle that drives itself SMARTCAR
Witches’ concoctions BREWS
Without peer ALONE
Worthy of belief CREDIBLE
Wrinkly snack PRUNE
You’re reading one now CLUE