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USA Today – Sep 16 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aquarius’ musical HAIR
‘Awesome!’ in old slang RAD
‘Stormy Weather’ singer Horne LENA
‘___ Five’ (Brubeck classic) TAKE
Absorbed, as a loss ATE
Add frosting to ICE
Aldrich of spydom AMES
Award for bravery, perhaps WARMEDAL
Baloney, to a Brit PIFFLE
Became a pro at MASTERED
BILLY bookcase seller IKEA
Black suit SPADES
Bowled over WOWED
Cavalry weapon SABER
Chaplin of ‘Game of Thrones’ OONA
Christmas tree topper ANGEL
Congregation response AMEN
Declare untrue DENY
Disturbing the peace, perhaps NOISY
Elbow-bender TOPER
Exploding cigar sound BLAM
Fateful day for Caesar IDES
From the top AGAIN
Gen. Lee’s men REBS
Genesis evictee ADAM
Groceries holder PAPERBAG
Handled roughly PAWED
Have a hunch SENSE
Helsinki native FINN
Idiotic mistake BONER
Immanuel of philosophy KANT
Ivy League drummer’s output? HARVARDBEAT
Jack Russell or Skye TERRIER
Jellyfish attack STING
Keatsian works ODES
Kotb of ‘Today’ HODA
Leopold’s partner in crime LOEB
Like Aaron Judge, as ballplayers go HUGE
Like die-hard fans AVID
Like some full-time help LIVEIN
London lawman BOBBY
Loser to Clinton in 1996 DOLE
Loud sound from a fruit? BANANAPEAL
Make giddy ELATE
Makes brownies BAKES
Marisa of ‘The Wrestler’ TOMEI
McDowall of ‘Planet of the Apes’ RODDY
Morocco’s capital RABAT
Mushroom’s beginning SPORE
Notable achievement for Flopsy or Mopsy? RABBITSFEAT
Painter of limp watches DALI
Peeples of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ NIA
Perfectas and trifectas BETS
Pompous sort ASS
Poseidon’s domain SEA
Prefix with lock or knock ANTI
Raise the hackles of PEEVE
Raise the hackles of RILE
Revisiting of a favorite book? DOUBLEREAD
Sighed word ALAS
Simmons of KISS GENE
Skin cream ingredient ALOE
Smelling a rat LEERY
Source of dietary fiber BRAN
Speakers’ spots PODIA
Sped like a horse GALLOPED
Steinbeck migrant OKIE
Swelled head EGO
Tax pro CPA
Took 72 strokes, perhaps SHOTPAR
U.S. president after Tyler POLK
Unagi, at a sushi bar EEL
Unfriendly, as a reception CHILLY
Weigh station visitor SEMI
Yellow dog of comics ODIE
___ Raton, Fla BOCA
___ yesterday (naive) BORN
___-hit wonder ONE