USA Today – Sep 17 2018

Clues Answers
$20 gold coin DOUBLEEAGLE
‘Another thing . . .’ ALSO
‘Lady Marmalade’ singer LaBelle PATTI
‘Odyssey,’ e.g EPIC
‘Return of the Jedi’ sage YODA
Antony’s love, briefly CLEO
Big Bad Wolf’s quarry PIGS
Blunt-tipped blades EPEES
Cats’ weapons CLAWS
Choreographer’s creation DANCE
Cologne container VIAL
Corn Belt city OMAHA
Corn, to chickens FEED
Doorstep tune, perhaps NOEL
Drop into the wastebasket TOSS
Easily scammed sorts SAPS
Far from inept ABLE
Far from stressed out ATEASE
Future attorney’s major PRELAW
Gets darker GROWSDIM
Glorifying verse ODE
Hearing aid’s place EAR
Hill-building bugs ANTS
Husking event BEE
In abundance AMPLY
Interlocking blocks LEGOS
Invention’s germ IDEA
Its back features the last parts of 17-, 26- and 44-Across DOLLARBILL
Joined, as two metals FUSED
Keenly perceptive ACUTE
Letter-shaped cross TAU
Letters on a sunscreen bottle SPF
Like a ’20 Questions’ question YESNO
Lines up a shot AIMS
Links conveyance CART
Maidenform wares BRAS
Mattel offering TOY
Midsummer babies LEOS
MMA weapon FIST
Neuralink CEO Musk ELON
Nursing staff’s assistant ORDERLY
Nutritional-needs diagram FOODPYRAMID
Obama’s title before pres SEN
Obsessed whaler of literature AHAB
Off-road ride, for short ATV
Oft-pierced spots LOBES
Palette options COLORS
Persian’s cry MEOW
Pitch indicator on a staff CLEF
Placements at Pimlico BETS
Places for church bells STEEPLES
Pueblo tribe HOPI
Railroad crossing sound TOOT
Rebel Guevara CHE
Render unusable RUIN
Respond to an anthem RISE
Rub irritatingly CHAFE
Rug figure AREA
Sharon of ‘Burn Notice’ GLESS
Silverman heard in ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ SARAH
Speak from a podium ORATE
Spheroid in fried rice PEA
Spot under a necklace clasp NAPE
Sprinter’s statistic TIME
The humble have small ones EGOS
The wealthiest among us UPPERCLASS
To a great degree HEAVILY
Towel bar parts RODS
Turn over via treaty CEDE
Unit of 41-Across ACRE
Up by a run, say AHEAD
Whence ‘We Three Kings’ came AFAR
Whodunit figure PRIVATEEYE
Without warranty ASIS
Word after special or side EFFECT
Worked on clods HOED
Xenia’s state OHIO

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