USA Today – Sep 18 2018

Clues Answers
$5 bills, slangily ABES
‘Get outta here!’ SCAT
‘Golf-ball-sized’ precipitation HAIL
‘I should know that!’ DUH
‘I’ll second that!’ DITTO
‘That makes sense’ ISEE
‘This can’t be!’ OHNO
‘War and Peace’ author Tolstoy LEO
A handful of SOME
All-year ticket SEASONPASS
Audition for a part READ
Baldwin of ‘It’s Complicated’ ALEC
Bay of Fundy phenomenon TIDE
Big Apple tennis stadium ASHE
Big name in jeans LEE
Catch by trickery SNARE
Circus whip-cracker TAMER
Compulsive organizers NEATFREAKS
Conga formation LINE
Cookie that may be pulled apart OREO
Copy center supply TONER
Crunchy sandwich, for short BLT
Curtain call group CAST
Delany of ‘Desperate Housewives’ DANA
DVR pioneer TIVO
Dwarf with specs DOC
Edison’s 1,000 PATENTS
Enjoy a Harley RIDE
Far from relaxed TENSE
Farm enclosure PEN
Flooring calculations AREAS
Fond farewell ADIEU
Fork-tailed seabirds TERNS
Fraternity initiation, e.g RITE
Furtive ‘Hey!’ PSST
Give the cold shoulder to SHUN
Guitar great Duane EDDY
Have a good cry BAWL
Have a pie delivered, say EATIN
Heat-rub target ACHE
High on the hwy DUI
Hook, line and sinker FISHINGTACKLE
Hopeful spouses-to-be SUITORS
Install, as a new senator SEAT
Item in a load-bearing wall CONCRETEBLOCK
Lawn party rental TENT
Like a catty remark SNIDE
Like a horror movie scene GRISLY
Makes a quick getaway BOLTS
March 17 slogan word ERIN
Marching together INSTEP
Midnight fridge visit RAID
Newborn’s acquisition NAME
Oft-kicked comics canine ODIE
Part of a royal flush TEN
Pull into town ARRIVE
Raptorial hatchling EAGLET
Recoil in fear SHRINKBACK
Result of a walkoff homer WINNINGRUN
Scout’s discovery TALENT
Skirt that doesn’t show a lot MAXI
Sommer of ‘A Shot in the Dark’ ELKE
Spice derived from nutmeg MACE
Square-mile fraction ACRE
Stereotypical gangster’s voice RASP
Stubborn equine ASS
Trike rider TOT
TT and Q5 automaker AUDI
Ugandan despot Amin IDI
Virus named for an African river EBOLA
Walked nervously PACED
Watering hole, so to speak BAR
Whence the Magi EAST
Where to get a club sandwich DINER
Winter Olympics leap AXEL
Word before justice or license POETIC
World power until 1991, briefly USSR
Zoo barrier MOAT

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