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USA Today – Sep 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Back in Black’ rock band ACDC
‘Green’ topic suggested by the starts of 20-Across and 11- and 29-Down CLEANENERGY
‘Minute’ fare RICE
Abridge, perhaps EDIT
Act the nitpicker CAVIL
Aid to a fence climber BOOST
Airline serving kosher meals ELAL
Arcing shot LOB
Auditioner’s objective ROLE
Baseball’s ‘Georgia Peach’ COBB
Boorish sort CLOD
Bullwinkle, e.g MOOSE
By ___ of (due to) DINT
Carb or fat unit GRAM
Carpet features PILES
Cookie in dirt cups OREO
Corporate sycophants YESMEN
Counting everything INTOTO
Curtis of cosmetics HELENE
Dance done to ‘Hava Nagila’ HORA
Deviated, nautically YAWED
Dodge, as taxes EVADE
Earth is part of it SOLARSYSTEM
Ebbets Field star Pee Wee REESE
Either ‘True Grit’ director COEN
Elbows rudely JABS
Emissary abroad CONSUL
Feeling of anxiety DREAD
Forest floor growth MOSS
Form a scab, e.g HEAL
Gave in a little BENT
Having what it takes ABLE
HBO host Oliver JOHN
Herman played by Fred Gwynne MUNSTER
Iditarod terminus NOME
In a cooler, perhaps ONICE
India’s Untouchables, e.g CASTE
Ivy League school in Philly PENN
Jazz trio, e.g COMBO
King of tragedy LEAR
Like die-hard fans AVID
Meat in menudo TRIPE
Miles of ‘Psycho’ VERA
Move, in Realtor lingo RELO
Muffin choice CORN
Neither up nor down EVEN
On-deck circle implement BAT
Orator’s spot LECTERN
Orchestral ‘ill wind’ OBOE
Page of ‘Juno’ ELLEN
Paid close attention to HEEDED
Paula with six No. 1 singles ABDUL
Pickler’s solution BRINE
Pinto or lima BEAN
Planets, to poets ORBS
Porch tinklers WINDCHIMES
Prom hairstyle, perhaps UPDO
Property measurement AREA
Red tag event SALE
Rival of 43-Down YALE
Rooms with trophy cases DENS
Said ‘not guilty,’ e.g PLED
Sci-fi beings, for short ETS
Scramble, as a message ENCODE
Sinatra ex Gardner AVA
Slip past ELUDE
Takes orders from OBEYS
Tasty mushroom MOREL
The Darlings’ dog NANA
Topple from office OUST
Tuna at sushi bars AHI
Tuxedo lapel fabric SATIN
Upper bound of an aquifer WATERTABLE
Use a strop on HONE
Verbally attack ASSAIL
Vivid, as crayons NEON
Whenever one wishes ATWILL
Wyatt of the Wild West EARP