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USA Today – Sep 20 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aha moment’ producer IDEA
‘Ink Master’ designs, for short TATS
‘Messenger’ molecule RNA
‘Snowy’ bird EGRET
‘The Gathering Place’ of Hawaii OAHU
A whole bunch SCADS
Advanced, as cash LENT
Affleck of ‘Manchester by the Sea’ CASEY
Altar vow IDO
Bartender’s late-night cry LASTCALL
Be a lookout for, say ABET
Brewers’ ingredients MALTS
Brewpub offering ALE
Brigade or battalion UNIT
Cadillac Ranch city AMARILLO
Cannon of ‘Heaven Can Wait’ DYAN
Celebrity guest roster ALIST
Chips ___! (cookie brand) AHOY
Choir attire ROBES
Classic fountain beverage CREAMSODA
Conduit bend ELL
Crusty pastries TARTS
Dermatologist’s removal CYST
Disk-shaped sea urchin SANDDOLLAR
Dr. Seuss’ Horton, e.g ELEPHANT
Draw to a close CEASE
Dungeons and Dragons monster OGRE
Eatery whose name briefly contained ‘burgers’ IHOP
Enjoy a paperback READ
Ernie, golf’s ‘Big Easy’ ELS
ESPN Winter X Games city ASPEN
Fashion designer Pulitzer LILLY
Fine tableware from Lenox BONECHINA
Go to the mat, in dialect RASSLE
Gondolier’s tool OAR
Grand Cherokee or Compass JEEP
Greedy one’s cry MINE
Green Gables girl ANNE
Hatchimals and fidget spinners, e.g TOYS
High-pitched voices TREBLES
Homophone of ‘heir’ ERE
Honda’s luxury line ACURA
Induced unconsciousness, perhaps COMA
Jet engine part TURBINE
Kentucky Derby drink JULEP
Lacking a partner ALONE
Left Bank toppers BERETS
Like a DIYer HANDY
Like Death Valley in summer HOT
Like milk, in a proverb SPILT
Longer of the forearm bones ULNA
Look through a keyhole, say PEER
McKellen who portrayed Gandalf IAN
Nicholson’s ‘Here’s Johnny’ line, e.g ADLIB
Off-road two-wheeler DIRTBIKE
Open-back shoes MULES
Pale violet hue LILAC
Parmesan crust RIND
Pays into the pot ANTESUP
Picnic pests ANTS
Place removed from reality IVORYTOWER
Preakness postings ODDS
Promgoer, probably TEEN
Release, as radiation EMIT
Rib-ticklers JESTS
Roadside assistance org AAA
Sabin vaccine target POLIO
Sits after microwaving COOLS
Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t ___ Lovely’ SHE
Stock up on AMASS
Swerves, at sea YAWS
Tofu or miso base SOY
Tornado-tracking tool RADAR
Tribute band song COVER
Varsity jacket wearers, informally JOCKS
Where a leaf joins a stem NODE
Withdraw, as an accusation RETRACT
Word after snow or split PEA