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USA Today – Sep 21 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A Chorus Line’ offering DANCENUMBER
‘Deep State’ network EPIX
‘Fear of Dying’ author Jong ERICA
‘Quit procrastinating!’ DOIT
‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ villains NAZIS
‘Sesame Street’ grouch OSCAR
65-Across, e.g SODA
Accept, as a credit card HONOR
Adjust to one’s environment ADAPT
Agcy. that rates roasts USDA
Alaska gold rush town NOME
Alphabetically first mo APR
At the peak of ATOP
Automated walkway, e.g PEOPLEMOVER
Balky equine MULE
Band fronted by Michael Stipe REM
Barista’s dispenser URN
Bay Area airport code SFO
Be begrudging of ENVY
Blender spinner ROTOR
Bubbly fast-food order COLA
Bursting with joy ELATED
Can’t do without NEED
Cape Cod entree SCROD
Catch in a web ENSNARE
Causing the creeps EERIE
Cross a creek, perhaps WADE
Eric of ‘Lone Survivor’ BANA
Error remover ERASER
Escalator option DOWN
Expressive endeavors ARTS
First chip ANTE
Fix the outcome of RIG
Ford debut of 1955, informally TBIRD
Franz who composed Hungarian rhapsodies LISZT
Greiner of ‘Shark Tank’ LORI
How an index is arranged ATOZ
Hummus or pea soup PUREE
In a bit SOON
Interest-lowering plan, for short REFI
Latin word on U.S. coins UNUM
Leave in shock STUN
Login entry USERNAME
Martin Luther King Jr., e.g BAPTISTMINISTER
Mineral in insulation MICA
Monthly expense, for many RENT
Mosquito net material MESH
Motocross entrant RACER
Muon’s place ATOM
New York’s ___ Island Ferry STATEN
No later than UPTO
One-eyed Norse god ODIN
Outback runners EMUS
Partner of circumstance POMP
Place to get on or off STOP
Pledge drive gift, often TOTE
Problem with ‘horns’ DILEMMA
Quickly accelerating pace EXPONENTIALRATE
Savanna predator LION
Savings for the golden yrs IRAS
Scarecrow’s innards STRAW
Simon and Garfunkel, e.g DUO
SolarCity chairman Musk ELON
Something special LULU
Squirts on, as cologne SPRITZES
Super-bratty kid TERROR
Think tank output IDEAS
Thoroughly absorbed RAPT
Topped with a sweet layer ICED
Touch up, in a way EDIT
Unit of force, in physics DYNE
Whence the Wicked Witch WEST
Wine cask sediment DREGS
Woodstock stage gear AMPS
Word in Iowa’s capital DES
Word on Irish stamps EIRE