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USA Today – Sep 22 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Invisible box’ performer MIME
‘Let It Go’ singer Menzel IDINA
49-Across’ opposite ENEMY
Aero to the max SLEEKEST
Andy’s TV and radio pal AMOS
Antiterrorism legislation of 2001 PATRIOTACT
Any NATO member, to another ALLY
Area shaved by a barber, perhaps NAPE
Avocado-shaped OVAL
Be short, in a way OWE
Bit of baby talk DADA
Borodin title prince IGOR
Botanical emollient ALOE
Checked out EYED
Checks out thoroughly VETS
Danes of ‘Homeland’ CLAIRE
David Bowie’s rock genre GLAM
Debtor’s letters IOU
Decennial count CENSUS
Dharma’s TV mate GREG
Did a 10K RAN
Do a carbon-14 test on DATE
Do a critic’s job RATE
Do in, as a vampire SLAY
Dog in a tornado TOTO
Dynasty noted for ceramics MING
Everest is on its border NEPAL
Football helmet feature STRAP
G-men and T-men FEDS
Gershwin’s ‘Summertime,’ e.g ARIA
Gets on in years GROWSOLD
Gold source of fable GOOSE
Grace ender AMEN
Hard-to-please performers DIVAS
Hardly genteel RUDE
Hasty escape LAM
Hendrix hairdo AFRO
Hired ‘torch’ ARSONIST
Jump named for a skater AXEL
Krypton or radon GAS
Ladder parts RUNGS
Lapel tag datum NAME
Less loyal FALSER
Letter before upsilon TAU
Letters before an alias AKA
Like superior pastrami LEAN
Limerick creator Edward LEAR
Linney of ‘Ozark’ LAURA
Lion’s refuge DEN
Miller’s material GRIST tidbit STAT
Musical knack EAR
Needed a styptic pencil, perhaps BLED
New mortgage, in brief REFI
Petty of ‘Tank Girl’ LORI
Place for a John Hancock DOTTEDLINE
Prepare without oil, in a way AIRPOP
Pull down, in a way EARN
Quarterback’s ploy OPTIONPLAY
Radar gun reading SPEED
Rotten to the core EVIL
Search thoroughly COMB
Shell game spheroid PEA
Sign above a door EXIT
Soak to the max SATURATE
Sports deal maker AGENT
Suitor of Cleopatra ANTONY
Surfers’ shopping place EMALL
Take for no credit AUDIT
Taped-off area, perhaps CRIMESCENE
Tennis ball container CAN
Transcription pro STENO
Vehicle on runners SLED
Windows precursor DOS
Wine attribute NOSE
Yuletide quaff EGGNOG
Zap, as a perp TASE