USA Today – Sep 23 2018

Clues Answers
‘Arrivederci ___’ ROMA
‘Backbone’ of South America ANDES
‘Buy It Now’ site EBAY
‘Funny you should ___’ ASK
‘Go on . . .’ AND
A sister of Cordelia REGAN
Blu-___ disc format RAY
Carried on, as war WAGED
Clumsy oaf CLOD
Collected splinters, so to speak SAT
Command after ‘cut’ PASTE
Currier’s partner IVES
Director’s workplace SET
Doesn’t sit by ACTS
Dog tag datum NAME
Domino dot PIP
Dreads wearer, perhaps RASTA
Entree or appetizer, e.g MENUITEM
Factors in club selection LIES
Farmyard female EWE
Florist’s arrangement POSY
Garb for many Deadheads TIEDYEDTSHIRTS
Ground to a halt ENDED
Guitar pioneer Paul LES
Haunting woodwind OBOE
Headstone letters RIP
Hoops great Shaq ONEAL
Iditarod vehicle SLED
In one’s digs ATHOME
In single file ONEBYONE
In tip-top shape HALE
Involved with, as a crime INON
Knight’s mount STEED
Knock the socks off AWE
Knuckler or slider PITCH
Korean martial art expert TAEKWONDOMASTER
Lena of ‘Havana’ OLIN
Like 59-Across’ sound REEDY
Like a neglected lawn WEEDY
Like JFK airport INTL
Like the backwoods RURAL
London Magazine essayist ELIA
Look over lustily LEERAT
Make reparations ATONE
Name meaning ‘peace’ IRENE
Paid a penny, perhaps ANTED
Place to exchange vows ALTAR
Place to moor INLET
Portfolio part, briefly IRA
Potato-peeling tool PARER
Prefix with tank or trust ANTI
Price for a plug ADRATE
Prom night woe ACNE
Rigg of ‘Game of Thrones’ DIANA
Science class, for short CHEM
Sentry’s command HALT
Shaver’s faceful LATHER
Sign at a drive-thru EXIT
Simmons of KISS GENE
Slathered frosting on ICED
Snack in a shell TACO
Some toothpastes GELS
Spider-Man creation WEB
State that was once Mexican territory UTAH
Sub ___ (in confidence) ROSA
Taj Mahal topper DOME
Team in a rice paddy OXEN
Tear to bits REND
Toothpaste flavor MINT
Totally absorbed RAPT
Two-thumbs-up review RAVE
Voted for CHOSE
Watched warily EYED
Where to order sticky rice THAIRESTAURANT
Wolfed down ATE
Ziering of ‘Sharknado’ movies IAN
___ Cristo sandwich MONTE
___ Modern (London gallery) TATE

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