USA Today – Sep 24 2018

Clues Answers
‘A Natural Woman’ memoirist King CAROLE
‘Blonde Bombshell’ Harlow JEAN
‘Gorillas in the Mist’ land RWANDA
‘Survivor’ shelter HUT
‘The Bachelor’ bloom ROSE
30-Down measure CARAT
About 142 13-Downs OUNCE
Ambitious course of study DOUBLEMAJOR
Ant, to a picnicker PEST
App-launching symbol ICON
Apple with a Retina display IMAC
Argon or arsenic ELEMENT
At any point EVER
Australian mine yield OPAL
Baby’s early word DADA
Bakery allures AROMAS
Be a devotee of ADORE
Bethlehem-bound trio MAGI
Beyond miffed IRATE
Biblical son of Seth ENOS
Blazed a trail LED
Bond that’s often tax-exempt, for short MUNI
Budget-friendly CHEAP
Bygone Italian money LIRE
Campus residence figure DORMMONITOR
Cantina munchie TACO
Captain who fought a giant squid NEMO
Car restorer’s task PAINTJOB
Chapel affirmation IDO
Copy the mannerisms of MIMIC
Did an anchor’s work REPORTED
Dino in ‘Jurassic’ movies TREX
Dixie soldier, for short REB
Dominate, in sports lingo OWN
Eluded a baseman SLID
Eruption stream LAVA
Fiesta finger foods TAPAS
Flirted with MADEEYESAT
Furrowed or mopped body part BROW
Goblet feature STEM
Graduate student’s mentor, perhaps DOCTORALADVISOR
Hat-tipping chap GENT
Hatchery installations INCUBATORS
Hayfield machine BALER
Home canner’s container MASONJAR
Honda’s upscale line ACURA
Laundry detergent packs PODS
Leave unmentioned OMIT
License plate feature MOTTO
Like cupcakes, often ICED
Long geological period EON
Lugosi of ‘Dracula’ BELA
Napped leather SUEDE
Needless fuss ADO
Parcel division ACRE
Parking brake part LEVER
Part of a 24-Across ERA
Place for roasters DAIS
Predeal stake ANTE
Pronounce indistinctly SLUR
Put on a flash drive, say SAVE
Reason for a raise MERIT
Repaired, as a rip SEWED
Revving sound VROOM
Sign of spoilage ODOR
Site for cyberbidders EBAY
Stereotypical sci-fi scientists MADMEN
Submarine navigation device SONAR
Sweet-talking sorts COAXERS
Terminal on a network NODE
Tie ribbons to, perhaps ADORN
Truant, to an MP AWOL
Walked heavily TROD
Was a drain on DEPLETED
Word before beam or blow LOW
Workplace with props SET

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