USA Today – Sep 25 2018

Clues Answers
‘A Book of Nonsense’ author Edward LEAR
‘Foxfire’ author Anya SETON
‘Giant’ author Ferber EDNA
‘Hello’ Grammy winner ADELE
‘High Hopes’ lyricist Sammy CAHN
‘My Country, ‘Tis of Thee’ soundalike GODSAVETHEQUEEN
‘Paper or plastic?’ item BAG
‘Push-up’ garment BRA
‘The Thinker’ sculptor RODIN
‘___ was I ere . . .’ ABLE
2015 nuke deal nation IRAN
Amazon Prime Air vehicle DELIVERYDRONE
App purchaser USER
Billie Jean King Center org USTA
Body ink, slangily TAT
Closet eater’s supply STASH
Collar stiffener STAY
Coloratura’s solo ARIA
Creche trio MAGI
Dead duck GONER
Did a 10K RAN
Didn’t go on ENDED
Didn’t keep mum TOLD
Disney queen voiced by Idina Menzel ELSA
Dubbed one’s title SIR
Dunkin’ Donuts stack LIDS
Dyed-in-the-wool HARDCORE
Early semi-automatic pistol LUGER
Emerald Isle, poetically ERIN
First piece of evidence EXHIBITA
Former Lacoste partner IZOD
Haggis eater, most likely SCOT
Hairdo stiffener GEL
Half-pint RUNT
Hamelin pest RAT
Heal, as a broken bone KNIT
High jumper’s hurdle BAR
Jared of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ LETO
Kazan who directed Brando ELIA
Laws, informally REGS
Leave at the altar JILT
Legalese adverb HEREIN
Letter-shaped fastener UBOLT
Like a rainforest LUSH
Many a Volvo owner SWEDE
More titanic HUGER
Mover’s rental VAN
No longer in force VOID
Nut-yielding tree BEECH
Old West transport STAGE
One capable of great feats MIRACLEWORKER
One in a tub BATHER
One of a haiku’s three LINE
One of the Brontes ANNE
Outburst from Homer DOH
Palestinian area GAZA
Part of a bus. address, perhaps POBOX
Pessimist’s word CANT
Pitcher deGrom JACOB
Place to get pampered SPA
Portfolio part, briefly IRA
Prefix with fuel or hazard BIO
Privy to INON
River of Leeds AIRE
Roadie’s burden GEAR
School since 1440 ETON
Shiite’s deity ALLAH
Shop jargon LINGO
Shouting matches QUARRELS
Sphinx, mostly LION
Spiff up the decor of REDO
They may be stroked or bruised EGOS
Trumpets and tubas, e.g BRASS
Urban fleet member CAB
Vessel to the heart VENACAVA
Virus named for a river EBOLA
Word of submission UNCLE
World Cup score GOAL

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