USA Today – Sep 26 2018

Clues Answers
‘Let’s talk’ note SEEME
‘You just missed!’ ALMOST
7 or 10, in a 7-10 split PIN
Added whipped cream to, say TOPPED
Aquatic Disney princess ARIEL
Batting practice structure CAGE
Be the first act OPEN
Blood-typing word (Abbr.) NEG
Bonfire glower EMBER
Brownish songbird WREN
Car wash cycle RINSE
Cher or Beyonce, e.g DIVA
Coffeehouse recitation POEM
Coils in sheds HOSES
Comply with OBEY
Corpulent ‘South Park’ kid ERIC
Crop up OCCUR
Device for an Apple Pencil IPAD
Do penance ATONE
Edinburgh natives SCOTS
Effortless manner EASE
Fall bloom ASTER
Great Fire of Rome emperor NERO
Hang around STAY
Head for a treehouse CLIMB
Heavy lifter CRANE
Iced tea garnish LEMONWEDGE
In charge of OVER
Initials at 20-Across SRO
Israel, biblically ZION
Jared of ‘Suicide Squad’ LETO
Lacking pizzazz BLAH
Leave slack-jawed AMAZE
Like a curious dog’s head ATILT
Liquid-Plumr target DRAINCLOG
Locker room emanation ODOR
Make good on REPAY
Many a Woodstock hairdo AFRO
Michael Jackson’s ‘kingdom’ POP
Military buffs’ interests WARS
Monica with a racket SELES
Monthly Oil Market Report issuer OPEC
Movie studio events RELEASES
Neatnik’s opposite SLOB
Not as assertive MEEKER
Off weeks, in football BYES
On one’s guard ALERT
Parks who sparked a boycott ROSA
Patronize a deli EAT
Place for a perm SALON
Pointed a finger at BLAMED
Potentially ruinous DIRE
Prell competitor PERT
Protective atmospheric layer OZONE
Puzzle on a place mat, perhaps MAZE
Pyramids’ high points APEXES
Racetrack barrier RAIL
Rod in a globe AXIS
Run off to the J.P ELOPE
Sales slip figure TAX
Sam of Sam’s Club WALTON
Setting of a Bret Harte tale POKERFLAT
Skating rink shape OVAL
Slow-pitch pitches LOBS
Some battery terminals ANODES
Strait of Hormuz land OMAN
Superlatively wise SAGEST
Takes time off RESTS
The Flintstones’ pet DINO
They sense scents NOSES
Ticket scalpers’ hopes SELLOUTS
Tip sheet figures ODDS
Tom, Dick or Harry NAME
Toyota’s upscale line LEXUS
Traits of many 14-Acrosses EGOS
Vodka/ginger beer drink MOSCOWMULE
Wilson of ‘Starsky and Hutch’ OWEN
Yield to wanderlust ROVE

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