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USA Today – Sep 27 2018

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Clues Answers
‘All bets ___ off!’ ARE
‘Darn it!’ HECK
‘It’s obvious now!’ ISEE
‘Star Trek’ helmsman SULU
‘The Bambino’ of baseball RUTH
‘You and I’ in a sentence, e.g COMPOUNDSUBJECT
400-meter loop, perhaps LAP
Abductor in tabloids ALIEN
About as expected PARFORTHECOURSE
Artful dodges RUSES
Beats it SCRAMS
Bowl over AWE
Camper’s utensils MESSKIT
Classic daiquiri fruit LIME
Cocktail garnished with mint leaves MOJITO
Component of concrete SAND
Credit union offerings IRAS
Crew leader, briefly COX
Drummer who famously replaced Best STARR
Early ‘Star Trek’ starship description ENTERPRISECLASS
Europe’s tallest active volcano ETNA
Exploitative sort USER
Gladiator’s milieu ARENA
Go sky-high, as prices SOAR
Hardly wordy TERSE
Indian, Brave or Chief PRO
Israel’s legislature KNESSET
Job for Ellery Queen CASE
Kosher’s Muslim counterpart HALAL
Like all but one prime number ODD
Like much testimony ORAL
Linney of ‘Ozark’ LAURA
Luger or marathoner RACER
Most August births LEOS
Most lean and sinewy WIRIEST
Need a bath badly REEK
Nerve cell’s impulse transmitter AXON
New hire, often TRAINEE
Not snookered by ONTO
One of a 1492 trio PINTA
One with the know-how EXPERT
One-eighties, slangily UEYS
Parts of royal flushes TENS
Quiet ‘Hey, you!’ PSST
Ritter of country music TEX
Rock from which slate is formed SHALE
Rocket’s deviation YAW
Rolltop, e.g DESK
Rooney of ‘The Social Network’ MARA
Saharan watering holes OASES
Saucer mate CUP
Scottish herding dog, informally SHELTIE
Scuff up, say MAR
Sean of ’50 First Dates’ ASTIN
Shah of Iran’s fate EXILE
Shoplift, e.g PILFER
Shortly, to a bard ANON
Some toy dogs, briefly POMS
State with ‘Famous Potatoes’ plates IDAHO
Sweetie pie HON
Take up or let out ALTER
Talk like a tosspot SLUR
Talk trash about BASH
Teen fave IDOL
Term of address, to Uncle Remus BRER
The ‘P’ of the S&P 500 POORS
The Eiger’s range ALPS
The Kardashians’ matriarch KRIS
Tree with shimmering leaves ASPEN
Tweak, as text EMEND
Ultimatum ender, perhaps ELSE
Water-to-wine site CANA
When doubled, a trumpet effect WAH
Whole bunch SLEW
Witch’s concoction BREW
___-do-well NEER