USA Today – Sep 28 2018

Clues Answers
‘Clown Prince’ of the piano VICTORBORGE
‘Didn’t bring my A game’ ILOST
‘No sliding’ in senior softball, e.g RULE
‘Rapier’ quality WIT
‘The mystery is solved!’ AHA
‘Titanic’ heroine ROSE
Apple’s digital servant SIRI
Arboreal slowpoke SLOTH
Base truants AWOLS
Big Apple theater honor OBIE
Blissful spot EDEN
Butt of Garfield’s pranks ODIE
Cherry discard STEM
Comedian/banjoist Martin STEVE
Commerce pact since 1994 NAFTA
Cuthbert of ’24’ ELISHA
Diddly-squat NADA
Dirty look SCOWL
Education Secretary Betsy DEVOS
Eluded the bouncer, say SNUCKIN
Escalator part STEP
Fail financially GOBUST
Far from idle ACTIVE
Gives the appearance SEEMS
Haul to an impound lot TOW
Here-there connection NOR
Himalayan of folklore YETI
In years gone by AGO
Jacksonville grid event GATORBOWL
Janitor’s machine FLOORBUFFER
Kisses, in letters XES
Last check box, often OTHER
Least cordial ICIEST
Lightweight mesh fabric TULLE
Like Guinness stout IRISH
Line of work, informally BIZ
Long-eared hoppers HARES
Lothario’s look OGLE
Lumber problem ROT
Many English degs BAS
Many Greek tourist spots ISLES
Medicare component PARTA
Monty Python bit SKIT
Most in need of sweeping SOOTIEST
Nation west of Chad NIGER
Nautical pronoun HER
One of a river’s pair BANK
One push-up, e.g REP
Paste or pin on AFFIX
Performs like Drake RAPS
Place for a trophy case DEN
Pleased remark from a dressing room ITFITS
Poetic salute ODE
President-turned-chief justice TAFT
Pricey graduation gift CAR
Racetrack placement WAGER
Reason for stitches GASH
Reception salute TOAST
Redhead’s dye HENNA
Ride a sailplane SOAR
Ring of blooms LEI
Rock climbers’ spikes PITONS
Secret stockpile STASH
Severe spasm THROE
Share a border with ABUT
Shaver’s irritation RAZORBURN
Singer in a loft CHOIRBOY
Snaps the cuffs on NABS
Social Register group ELITE
Specialized market segment NICHE
State with a nonrectangular flag OHIO
Stone for most Libras OPAL
Takers of book tours AUTHORS
Talking up Touting
Use one’s noodle THINK
Wild West badge TINSTAR
Wind surge GUST
Wintry hazard SLEET

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