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USA Today – Sep 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Around the Horn’ channel ESPN
‘Squeezin’s’ grain CORN
‘___ Boot’ (classic war movie) DAS
‘___ Buttermilk Sky’ (1946 song) OLE
‘___ day now . . .’ ANY
500-mile event, briefly INDY
Ankle holster contents CONCEALEDWEAPON
Any noble element GAS
Atoll’s makeup CORAL
Baseball’s Bartolo COLON
Basketball card figure HEIGHT
Belgian treaty city GHENT
Builder’s detail, briefly SPEC
Bureaucratic snarl REDTAPE
Cartoonists’ creations, once CELS
Cask component STAVE
Chevrolet plug-in hybrid VOLT
Code cracker Turing ALAN
Competed at 27-Down RACED
Competitor in a slam POET
Concludes one’s case RESTS
Conductor Sir Georg SOLTI
Congested cavity, perhaps SINUS
Cried ‘uncle!’ GAVE
Depot posting, informally SKED
Dole out ALLOT
Down with a bug ILL
Drive-thru request ORDER
Either of two PC keys ALT
Enthusiasm, plus MANIA
ESPN’s Courage Award namesake ASHE
Excited, with ‘up’ AMPED
Fry cooks’ utensils PANS
Game of chukkers POLO
Greek salad morsel OLIVE
Having a door ding, say DENTED
Hoof-smoothing file RASP
iPhone downloads APPS
It’s more pleasant than a 5-Down AROMA
Lagoon’s locale ATOLL
Layer of huge green eggs EMU
Like devil worship SATANIC
Like nonhuman tweeters AVIAN
Like petting-zoo animals TAME
LOL, vocalized HAHA
Londoner’s ‘later!’ TATA
Long prison term LIFE
Made, as a deadline MET
Main idea GIST
Most student drivers TEENS
No longer obsessed with OVER
Not as loopy SANER
One of the Baltic states ESTONIA
One on parole EXCON
Open with a box cutter SLIT
Org. covered by 19-Down NHL
Palindromic Genesis name EVE
Ponte Vecchio’s river ARNO
Post-exertion feeling ACHE
Pub round ALES
Pulled a six-shooter DREW
Roman ‘fiddler’ NERO
Shoreline problem EROSION
Short piece at La Scala ARIETTA
Sickening emanation STENCH
Some pass catchers ENDS
Sought a seat RAN
Sounds of shock GASPS
Stand watch for, say ABET
Sugar-free, perhaps DIET
Swellhead’s problem EGO
The Emerald Isle, to poets ERIN
Thor or Odin GOD
Tin Woodsman’s prop AXE
Tracy’s Trueheart TESS
Win the favor of ENDEAR