USA Today – Sep 29 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘A long time ___ . . .’ AGO
‘Let’s Talk ___ Sex’ (Salt-N-Pepa hit) ABOUT
‘So long!’ CIAO
‘That’s my cue to leave’ IMGONE
‘The Other Black Girl’ author Zakiya Dalila ___ HARRIS
‘True; also . . .’ YESAND
Actress Kendrick ANNA
Baja’s opposite ALTA
Beam of sunlight RAY
Breathable fabrics MESHES
Called up RANG
Chickpea dish CHANAMASALA
Closest to the minimum LOWEST
Colombo, Sri ___ LANKA
Compete like a sumotori WRESTLE
Corrupts WARPS
Crystal ball, for example ORB
Cuttlefish relative OCTOPUS
Day of the Dead decorations SUGARSKULLS
Doc who might collaborate with an allergist ENT
Electrical networks GRIDS
Enthusiasm ZEAL
European country with a double-headed eagle on its flag ALBANIA
Expensive cut of beef TBONE
Expensive type of beef KOBE
Gadget for brewing oolong TEASTRAINER
Give a lot of effort GOHARD
Gives a recap of SUMSUP
Golf great with Olympic golds in hurdles and javelin BABEZAHARIAS
Hairstyling products GELS
Holder of groceries BAG
Jargon suffix ESE
Language used by Makkari in ‘Eternals’ ASL
Lentil dish DAL
Listener’s response IHEARYOU
Makes minor edits to TWEAKS
Marvel hero who can perfectly copy people’s movements ECHO
Meeting outline AGENDA
Mother, in Spanish MADRE
Music genre from Nigeria AFROBEAT
Musical groups BANDS
Nickname for Abraham ABE
Nonhuman conversationalist CHATBOT
Offspring YOUNG
Opposite of ja NEIN
Org. whose E stands for Environmental EPA
Pan for making dan dan noodles WOK
Public transit diagram BUSMAP
Purple yam UBE
Quarter-___ wood SAWN
Respectful address MAAM
Safe for consumption EDIBLE
Scottish surname starter MAC
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Spring month (Abbr.) APR
Steel-cut grain OAT
Substantial period of time ERA
Substantial period of time EON
Sun, in Spanish SOL
Super important KEY
Sweet and tangy sauce HONEYMUSTARD
Swim, swam, ___ SWUM
Take a ___ at (attempt) STAB
The very start DAYONE
Towards the sunrise EAST
Tree that sounds like a pronoun YEW
Trippy drug LSD
Zero, in Spades NIL
___ blond ASH
___ face (expression with puckered lips) KISSY
___ up (admit to something) FESS

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