USA Today – Sep 3 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Ah, well’ ALAS
‘And you?’ in Spanish YTU
‘Fame’ singer Cara IRENE
‘Get ___ of Him’ (Dionne Warwick song) RID
‘in case u haven’t heard . . .’ BTW
‘In ___ of gifts . . .’ LIEU
‘Insecure’ star Issa RAE
‘Mazel ___!’ TOV
‘Such a Fun ___’ (Reid novel) AGE
‘___ Mubarak!’ EID
‘___ you a little short for a stormtrooper?’ ARENT
32-Down religion ISLAM
Amazement AWE
Art show organizer CURATOR
Ask nosy questions PRY
Attracted LURED
Big concert venue ARENA
Book that’s hard to put down PAGETURNER
Boxer Muhammad ALI
Categorize LABEL
Comfier undergarment option WIRELESSBRA
Diamond or oval, e.g SHAPE
Diner bread option RYE
Discipline with ujjayi breath YOGA
Doily material LACE
Dress in WEAR
Enjoy a soak BATHE
Excited to get started EAGER
Feels sore ACHES
Gay icon Dern LAURA
Handsome, in Spanish GUAPO
Hangs out with a long-distance friend, say VIDEOCHATS
Hat associated with painters BERET
Highest poker card ACE
Hosts MCS
In a fitting way APTLY
Installments of TV shows, for short EPS
Intelligent SMART
Jacket fabric TWEED
Lesson in the culinary arts COOKINGCLASS
Like cherries that aren’t sweet TART
Like days of yore OLDEN
Like sellers at a craft fair ARTSY
Like Wicca PAGAN
Lil ___ X NAS
Lose traction SLIP
Luxury Honda brand ACURA
Mama sheep EWE
Mariah Carey hit with the lyric ‘Look inside you and be strong’ HERO
Marshmallow birds PEEPS
Molecule component ATOM
Moses Sumney genre ELECTROSOUL
Music genre for Millie Small SKA
Opinion article OPED
Orca’s home SEA
Outer rim EDGE
Pedi target TOE
Physicist Curie MARIE
Punch bowl utensils LADLES
Rite involving matcha TEACEREMONY
School in Stillwater, OK OSU
She/her/___ HERS
Silent greeting NOD
Sketch show with musical guests SNL
Small horse PONY
Some hospital workers, for short PAS
Starter dish, for short APP
Toni Morrison’s birth state OHIO
Tosses gently LOBS
Tuna type AHI
Type of seed in tahini SESAME
Walk back and forth PACE
Wander away STRAY
What a baby dragon hatches from EGG
What tempeh is made of SOY
Word at the end of a prayer AMEN
___ bitty ITTY
___ Wilson aka Captain America SAM

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