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USA Today – Sep 4 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aw, nuts!’ RATS
‘Encore!’ MORE
‘H.M.S. Pinafore,’ e.g OPERETTA
‘Moondance’ singer Morrison VAN
‘The best is ___ to come’ YET
A bit titillating RACY
A nephew of Donald Duck LOUIE
Action on a Congressional bill HOUSEVOTE
Address for Elton John SIR
Air Force heroes ACES
All-hrs. banking devices ATMS
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
Barn hatchling OWLET
Beating around the bush VAGUE
Boers’ emigration TREK
Bottle opener, slangily CHURCHKEY
Calls from the flock AMENS
Chicken’s emotion FEAR
Cornhusker State city OMAHA
Cross to bear ONUS
Darkened, perhaps DYED
Decision reviewed in an instant replay CALL
Driver license datum NAME
Family name in Civil War fiction OHARA
Fencer’s maneuver FEINT
Field trip group, often CLASS
Finish with ENDON
Firmly fixed, as a gaze INTENT
Follow a healthy diet EATRIGHT
German sausage, for short BRAT
Grade factor, often TEST
Home to a 36-Across NEST
Import with a four-ring logo AUDI
In one’s birthday suit NAKED
Instrument in much Jethro Tull music FLUTE
Intel seekers SPIES
Itsy-bitsy TEENSY
Join the game, in a way ANTE
Kidded around with TEASED
Like a tuned string TAUT
Like Super Bowl numerals (except 50) ROMAN
Lusterless finish MATTE
Make a basket, perhaps WEAVE
Many an Eastern European SLAV
Marshy tract MORASS
Mason’s binder MORTAR
Mattress size TWIN
McNamara’s ensemble BAND
Parthenon locale ATHENS
Pedometer button RESET
Petty quarrel SPAT
Pilates class accessory MAT
Place to convert splits ALLEY
Places for tattoo sleeves ARMS
Played for a sap HAD
PlayStation 4 maker SONY
Professional parker VALET
Prop for Mr. Monopoly CANE
Pucker-inducing TART
Pure as the driven snow CHASTE
Rachel Maddow’s network MSNBC
Result of overexertion, perhaps ACHE
Road trip expenses TOLLS
RPM indicators TACHS
Sawyer’s creator TWAIN
Sharpen, as skills HONE
Shelled out SPENT
Squalid digs STY
Symbol on a staff CLEF
Tampa neighbor, familiarly STPETE
To-do list item TASK
USAF offender AWOL
Vichyssoise ingredient LEEK
Wearing away, on a waterway BANKEROSION
Woodworking instructor, e.g SHOPTEACHER
Workers with antennae ANTS
You, quaintly THEE
___ U-WAIT (store sign phrase) WHILE