USA Today – Sep 5 2018

Clues Answers
‘Get my point?’ SEE
‘Knock it off!’ CEASE
‘Pied’ musician of legend PIPER
‘Swing’ or ‘safe’ election area STATE
‘White with foam’ bodies OCEANS
‘With it,’ in old slang HEP
‘___ day now!’ ANY
African island nation CAPEVERDE
Aid a 53-Down GIVE
Barely passing grade DEE
Baseball’s dead-ball ___ ERA
Battery units VOLTS
Be fixated on, with ‘with’ OBSESS
Beachfront home locales SHORES
Canal of song ERIE
Car at a charging station TESLA
Carpool lane letters HOV
Cause to walk on air ELATE
Caused feelings of guilt in ATEAT
Champ before and after Spinks ALI
Collagen injection target LIP
Comic book reader, stereotypically NERD
Curtis of ‘Some Like It Hot’ TONY
Deadly sins count SEVEN
Didn’t continue ENDED
Disposable in a diaper bag WIPE
Do a mixologist’s work BARTEND
ESPN Courage Award namesake ASHE
Evoke, as a memory ELICIT
Excludes, legally DEBARS
Explosive force unit MEGATON
Fall blooms ASTERS
Fanny pack securer STRAP
Furniture-refinishing material MAPLEVENEER
Future police officer CADET
Give an address SPEAK
Hardly chatty TERSE
Hoops great ‘Pistol ___’ Maravich PETE
Hotel shuttle vehicle VAN
Clues Answers
Image on New Mexico’s flag SUN
In your lifetime EVER
Item in ‘bling’ JEWEL
Jabs with an elbow POKES
Kanga’s kid ROO
Like financial advisors’ incomes FEEBASED
Loch with sightings NESS
Medium’s claim, briefly ESP
Muskrat’s burrowing cousin VOLE
Nearly shut AJAR
Not in the nude CLAD
Peanut butter cup inventor H.B REESE
Pearl Jam’s lead singer EDDIEVEDDER
Person, grammatically NOUN
Photocopier function SORT
Predators of penguins ORCAS
Prisoner’s stretch TERM
Pristine spots EDENS
Punishment for a couch potato, perhaps NOTV
Put out of sight HIDE
Race with handoffs RELAY
Ready to serve DONE
Receiver of charity DONEE
Recipient of a mental note SELF
Remark to the playgoers ASIDE
Sci-fi escape vehicles PODS
Shampoo brand PERT
Short span, for short SEC
Sidekick played by Depp TONTO
Spinks, to 41-Across, twice OPPONENT
Strongly disinclined AVERSE
Supporter’s call YEA
The other way around VICEVERSA
Tinnitus site EAR
Typical Dwayne Johnson role HEMAN
Valuable cards in 21 ACES
Wines often paired with beef REDS
Word on a sample check VOID

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