USA Today – Sep 7 2018

Clues Answers
’60 Minutes’ clock sounds TICKS
‘Don’t sweat it!’ RELAX
‘May I interrupt?’ sound AHEM
‘So, it’s YOU!’ AHA
2000 Subway Series stadium SHEA
Aired again RERAN
Attractor of iron filings BARMAGNET
Barton of nursing CLARA
Bill-blocking vote NAY
Bumps on potatoes EYES
Capturer of stadium smoochers KISSCAM
Cheeky talk SASS
Citrusy-sounding Connecticut town LYME
Come down hard TEEM
Die down ABATE
Disc golf turn TOSS
DIYer’s buys KITS
Electrified blade EPEE
Entrepreneur’s spark IDEA
Expel, as fumes EMIT
Falco with four Emmys EDIE
Far from scanty AMPLE
Find appealing LIKE
Flap on a blazer LAPEL
Flock tender in Genesis ABEL
Flu sufferer’s symptoms ACHES
Ghastly looking ASHY
Gibberish doesn’t make it SENSE
Go on dates with SEE
Grade determiner, often EXAM
Improv club host EMCEE
Improvise like Ella SCAT
Increased, as in popularity GREW
Jurist’s study LAW
Keen-eyed bird EAGLE
Kim of ‘NYPD Blue’ DELANEY
Lindsay of ‘Mean Girls’ LOHAN
Locales for rings and rinks ARENAS
Make a patsy of USE
Many a Beethoven work SONATA
Mohair-yielding goat ANGORA
Mother of 10-Across EVE
Mr. Milquetoast CASPAR
Muss, as one’s coif TOUSLE
Nature center routes PATHS
Nehi offering SODA
Neighbor of Niger CHAD
Nikkei 225 currency YEN
Nissan model since 1982 SENTRA
Not for the prudish RACY
Not too many AFEW
Offspring of tiny queens ANTS
Oily fish SMELT
Pants measure INSEAM
Part of a literary anthology TALE
Photoshop creator ADOBE
Piece of woven furniture CANECHAIR
Red-hot outflow LAVA
Robber’s haul LOOT
Sauce thickener CORNSTARCH
Show a red flag to WARN
Sighed lament ALAS
Sign of impending trouble OMEN
Skylit areas ATRIA
Snail-mail correspondents PENPALS
Sprinkler’s place LAWN
Student advocacy orgs PTAS
Sub with a band SITIN
Sunbathers catch them RAYS
Texas shrine with barracks ALAMO
Those not of the cloth LAYMEN
Tibetan teachers LAMAS
Typesetters’ units PICAS
Vision-related OPTIC
Whitecap’s top FOAM
Wine tour center NAPA
Wired on caffeine, say HYPER
Wrist gadget with a workout app APPLEWATCH

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