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USA Today – Sep 8 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Doggone it!’ DANG
‘Good job!’ NICE
‘Hogan’s Heroes’ camp STALAG
‘Juno and the Paycock’ playwright Sean OCASEY
‘___-Raq’ (Spike Lee movie) CHI
1-Across ingredient ALOE
401(k) relatives IRAS
A, in geometry AREA
Alf or Mork ALIEN
Be inquisitive ASK
Bearded bovine GNU
Bend at a barre PLIE
Betting every last chip ALLIN
Broken mirror, to some OMEN
Buck’s mate DOE
Bunker, to a golfer HAZARD
Caruso or Bocelli TENOR
Cheaper, for now ONSALE
Check the proof of CARD
Cheesy munchie NACHO
Collection plate passer USHER
Comic Schumer AMY
Common tip jar insert ONE
Creep like a crab SIDLE
Dance involving a chair, perhaps HORA
Difficult bosses OGRES
Doing the Charleston, say SWINGDANCING
Eccentric, in an amusing way DOTTY
Endorse, in a way SIGN
Fishy emanation ODOR
Friend of Pythias DAMON
Game in which the lead keeps changing SEESAWBATTLE
Garbo line ender ALONE
Gladiator’s milieu ARENA
Greek N’s NUS
Group for the brainy MENSA
Hitchhiker’s digit THUMB
Homer king Bonds BARRY
How canned tuna may be packed INOIL
In need of a nap TIRED
Lacking color ASHEN
Lambert who has collaborated with Queen ADAM
Levels at many stadiums LOGES
Like 47-Across EGGY
Like the smallest of the litter RUNTY
Lip soother BALM
Lizard that may shed its tail SKINK
London john LOO
Low man at the opera BASSO
Marisa of ‘The Big Short’ TOMEI
Mark for life SCAR
Market oversupply GLUT
Member of the brass section SLIDETROMBONIST
Mild cigar CLARO
Mushroom’s genesis SPORE
Off-the-wall ODD
Othello’s lieutenant CASSIO
Pirate’s quaff GROG
Plugging away ATWORK
Prenuptial party SHOWER
Rooster topper COMB
Rosie of ‘Do the Right Thing’ PEREZ
Rudely awaken ROUST
Sargasso Sea spawners EELS
Scepter’s partner ORB
Searched for fossils DUG
Smelter delivery ORE
Sniper’s rifle attachment SCOPE
Span named for a president ERA
Spew fire and brimstone RANT
The Phantom’s instrument ORGAN
Three-layer cookie OREO
Tie named for a racecourse ASCOT
Up until now TODATE
Volcanic formation CONE
Wood of the Rolling Stones RON
Yuletide quaff NOG
___ Bell (Anne Bronte) ACTON