Wall Street Journal – Apr 10 2018 – In Good Company

Clues Answers
‘Absolutely!’ SURETHING
‘Best of luck to you!’ GODSPEED
‘Casablanca’ star, familiarly BOGIE
‘Hart to Hart’ star Stefanie, to fans? SUPERPOWERS
‘Homeland’ star Claire, to fans? GREATDANES
‘I can relate’ BEENTHERE
‘Livin’ la Vida ___’ LOCA
‘Snap out of it!’ GETAGRIP
Abandon at the altar JILT
Art collection makeup PIECES
Barbecue joint order RIBS
Beauty spot SALON
Begin to flag TIRE
Black ___ (covert missions) OPS
Blackjack table request HITME
Burger holder BUN
Charged particles IONS
Cherry discard STEM
Complete autonomy FREEREIN
Covent Garden production OPERA
Cuts down FELLS
Dentist’s directive RINSE
Discerning KEEN
Dr. for laryngitis sufferers ENT
Drink cooler ICE
Emma Roberts, to Julia NIECE
Exchanges words, at times EDITS
Flat-topped hills MESAS
Grifter’s racket SCAM
Heredity unit GENE
Hosiery shade TAUPE
Innocents in the woods? BABES
Instruments in a kit DRUMS
It has strings attached APRON
Jazz saxophonist Rollins SONNY
Keeps in the email thread CCS
Key periods ERAS
Laughably odd SCREWY
Letters on country letters RFD
Clues Answers
Lightening-the-load stuff JETSAM
Like deep-fried turkey OILY
Like some notebook paper LINED
Looked lustfully LEERED
Making out on the bus, e.g.: Abbr PDA
Maple yield SAP
Members of a blended family STEPKIDS
Numbskull IDIOT
Olivier’s ‘Sleuth’ co-star CAINE
Org. with PreCheck screening TSA
Port of northern Italy GENOA
Processed food? ATE
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Relay segment LEG
Round container? GUN
Safekeeping CARE
Sci-fi escape vehicle POD
Shady alcove ARBOR
Singer Neil, to fans? FINEDIAMOND
Slant BIAS
Slimy stuff GOO
Sock tip TOE
Soft touch PAT
Soup kitchen offerings MEALS
Spicy Asian cuisine THAI
Summer camp craft CANOE
Swirling water EDDY
Trick RUSE
TV chef Julia, to fans? GRANDCHILD
TV spot seller ADREP
Twists the truth LIES
Victim of a 2006 demotion PLUTO
Wedding day promise IDO
Went unused SAT
When compared with THAN
World’s longest mountain range ANDES
Yale alum ELI
Zodiac dozen SIGNS
___ Plaines DES

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