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Clues Answers
‘Behold,’ in Latin ECCE
‘I ___ differ’ BEGTO
‘Of course!’ YES
‘The Misfits’ setting RENO
401(k) cousin IRA
Academy founder PLATO
Annoying person PEST
Ashes holder URN
At the crest of ATOP
Ball’s partner ARNAZ
Banana Republic buy TEE
Bills in tills ONES
Building with wings? HANGAR
Cause the ruin of UNDO
Challenge for a speech therapist LISP
Chaotic scenes ZOOS
City between Austin and Dallas WACO
Classic car with a Rocket V8 OLDS
Colorado native UTE
Contrary to fact UNTRUE
Cookie sold in over 100 countries OREO
Crosses symbolizing life ANKHS
Department store section MENS
Difficult to reach, and what 17-, 25-, 50- and 59-Across literally share INANDOUT
Discography listings LPS
Dress circle, e.g TIER
E-book format, often PDF
Embarrassing flub BOOBOO
End-of-inning recap NOHITS
English 101 verb ARE
Equivalent of 100 centesimi LIRA
Extremely bright NEON
Eyelid irritation STYE
Fertility clinic specimen OVUM
Filmmaker Preminger OTTO
Fire sign LEO
Foe of the ancient Romans TEUTON
From the get-go ANEW
Clues Answers
Fuming feeling IRE
Garden pond swimmers KOI
Gives in YIELDS
Great deal SLEW
History test question WHEN
It ended Nov. 11, 1918 WWI
Italian gunmaker BERETTA
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Leave gobsmacked STUN
Log supporter ANDIRON
Look after TEND
Lowest score NIL
Microwave emission BEEP
Model-building need GLUE
Numbers TUNES
Olympic group DEITIES
Org. that accepts returns IRS
Parting word ADIEU
Performer’s milestone DEBUT
Plane’s emergency exit CHUTE
Plentiful ABUNDANT
Power company’s precautionary measure ROLLINGBLACKOUT
Prayer concluder AMEN
Procter & Gamble brand TIDE
Provides and cares for REARS
Reason for a boil-water advisory ECOLI
Ring master MATADOR
Ring of Kerry’s locale EIRE
Seat of power THRONE
Sign of a packed house SRO
Skilled ABLE
Slam participant POET
Sought-after spring FOUNTAINOFYOUTH
Start for atomic or athlete TRI
Through VIA
Unpleasant NOFUN
Weather channel? DRAINSPOUT
Where test drives begin LOT

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