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Wall Street Journal – Apr 11 2019 – Fiat Accompli

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Clues Answers
‘Stripes’ director Reitman IVAN
1969’s Eagle et al LEMS
1972 Bill Withers hit USEME
Accordingly ERGO
Alternatively ELSE
Alternatives to judicial robes? TRIALBLAZERS
American fleet PLANES
Areas with hemispherical vaults APSES
Attendee’s answer HERE
Become dry PARCH
Becomes solid SETS
Bind with a cord LASH
Capital de Portugal LISBOA
Cat overhead LEO
Change maker in an Oman bank? RIALSPLITTER
Check the price of SCAN
Clean School Bus USA org EPA
Clear out DEPART
Cologne quantity SPRITZ
Constantly increasing number AGE
Constitution opener? USS
Cutting edges BLADES
Dagger part HILT
Danica Patrick hosted them in 2018 ESPYS
Diner where Flo and Alice worked MELS
Dojo figure SENSEI
Doyenne of personal writings? DIARYQUEEN
Dull and lifeless FLAT
Fanning of ‘Maleficent’ ELLE
Fill fully SATE
Fragrant neckwear LEI
Frederiksberg folks DANES
Get high SOAR
Gift-bearing group MAGI
Got the point? LED
Grammy category GOSPEL
Hamelin problem RATS
Harried parent’s need ALONETIME
High on the hygrometer HUMID
Home appearance ATBAT
Hostile to ANTI
House work ACT
It has a support staff FLAG
It’s in your jeans BLUEDENIM
K2 merchandise SKIS
Libidinous archer EROS
Like patchwork PIECED
Melanin-deprived individual ALBINO
Move stealthily CREEP
Nada for Nadal LOVE
Nation east-northeast of Fiji SAMOA
Neutral hue TAUPE
Opposition ENEMY
Package of related apps SUITE
Peevish display POUT
Protein-synthesis helper RNA
Put out EMIT
River past Terre Haute WABASH
Rub the wrong way IRK
Shell for Shell, e.g LOGO
Shower affection (on) DOTE
Site for a site THEWEB
Small singer WREN
Somewhat dirty RISQUE
Subsequently EVERSINCE
Subway fare HERO
Two-row connector INA
Unguent applications DABS
Very much DEEPLY
Whom ‘Video Killed,’ according to a Buggles song RADIOSTAR
Wilson greets the Beach Boys fans? BRIANWAVES