Wall Street Journal – Apr 12 2018 – Later!

Clues Answers
‘Bye Bye Birdie’ song KIDS
‘Rhyme Pays’ rapper ICET
‘Time to split!’ and a hint to the starred answers IMOUTTAHERE
*Historical period known for tobacco chewing? SPITTINGAGE
*Inheritances involving really big diamonds? BALLPARKESTATES
*Race cars and model race cars, for instance? DECALPLACES
*Site for legal prosecution? ROOMTOPROVE
1847 ‘Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas’ OMOO
A whole bunch PILES
Abysmal turnout NOONE
Almond ___ (toffee candy) ROCA
Assemble in proper order COLLATE
Athlete eulogized by Bill Clinton and Billy Crystal ALI
Attitude STANCE
Axe targets? ODORS
Big bettor at a casino WHALE
Big picture IMAX
Bits in a byte, e.g OCTAD
Brush off SLIGHT
Classic Edmond O’Brien film DOA
Cooped (up) PENT
Cut off CEASE
Deep divide CHASM
Down-lined spot NEST
Dressing material GAUZE
Dump, say SELL
Ecole ___ Beaux-Arts DES
Exercise USE
Fail in a big way TANK
Formed off-site PRECAST
French Riviera resort NICE
Green Day song ‘When ___ Around’ ICOME
Honor system basis TRUST
Implied, perhaps TACIT
It gets picked in Hawaii UKE
Clues Answers
It gets pulled in the fall RIPCORD
Its anthem is ‘As-Salam as-Sultani’ OMAN
Lace alternative VELCRO
Late Oldsmobiles ALEROS
Major’s major mishap SNAFU
Mariinsky Ballet company, familiarly KIROV
Marsh matter PEAT
Mick Jagger, e.g SIR
Minerva’s symbol OWL
Mjolnir wielder THOR
Mug on a fin ABE
Nipper’s letters RCA
Northeast Corridor runner ACELA
Pair for shaking hands MITTENS
Patty Bouvier’s twin sister SELMA
Performer on wires MARIONETTE
Pillbox poker HATPIN
Pot papers IOUS
Rey de los animales LEON
Sacred symbols of the pharaohs ASPS
Shah of Iran, as of early 1979 EXILE
Sort ILK
Spa cover ROBE
Spots for retiring? PITS
Struck with a low blow KNEED
Taken in SEEN
Tasseled topper FEZ
Tees off IRKS
Tenor Mario LANZA
Turn red or blue, say? POLITICIZE
Unpopular legislation of 1773 TEAACT
Where Betty Friedan and Richard Pryor were born PEORIA
Where do you get off? STOP
Where many hear George Stephanopoulos talk ABCTV
Where the Norte Chico civilization flourished PERU
Winery supply CORKS
Woolf’s portrayer in ‘The Hours’ KIDMAN

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