Wall Street Journal – Apr 12 2022 – “Tail Assemblies” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“American Idol” network ABC
“Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer John MAYER
“___ bin ein Berliner” ICH
*Actor’s entrance STAGEDOOR
*Launder, as delicate fabrics HANDWASH
*Opposite aspect of something FLIPSIDE
*Selective Service System part DRAFTBOARD
Abductor of Persephone HADES
All together ENMASSE
Archie, to Meghan and Harry SON
Arizona city known for its red sandstone buttes and mesas SEDONA
Arrive COME
Assist AID
Brazilian supermodel Lima ADRIANA
Bygone OLDEN
Chance to re-tire PITSTOP
Close-packed DENSE
Consecutive, and a hint to what can start each part of the starred answers BACKTOBACK
Cry from Homer DOH
Decaying ROTTEN
Deliberately expressionless DEADPAN
Delight JOY
Director DuVernay AVA
Esther of “Good Times” ROLLE
Femur or fibula BONE
Florida tourist destination ORLANDO
Goal of a social crusade REFORM
Good enough OKAY
Good pair at the poker table ACES
Grew tired WEARIED
Hanker after WANT
Hardly a go-getter SLACKER
Hardly loquacious TERSE
Hens’ housing COOP
Hockey team’s advantage HOMEICE
Howler, e.g ERROR
Ignored Bart Simpson HADACOW
Is silently furious SEETHES
Kidney-related RENAL
Klutz OAF
Like some teeth, salaries and data plans CAPPED
Liquid and gas, for two STATES
Mafia boss CAPO
Metal shackle MANACLE
Mi or ti NOTE
Michele of “Glee” LEA
Moonshine container JUG
Muscle targeted on a rowing machine LAT
North Pole worker ELF
Not up INBED
Nuclear reactor need COOLANT
Offer BID
Outlaw BAN
Paul who wrote “She’s a Lady” ANKA
Pedigree competitor IAMS
Physicist’s particle ION
Picked out of a lineup IDED
Pointer sister? SETTER
Resist temptation REFRAIN
Series of accumulative bets PARLAY
Service award? TIP
Showy wrap BOA
Sicilian spewer ETNA
Singer with albums named for her ages ADELE
Ski or beach follower BUM
Sought office RAN
Speedway shape OVAL
Sports drink suffix ADE
Standard deviation? ANOMALY
Studio sign ONAIR
Supplement ADDTO
Think, fancily IDEATE
Took a load off SAT
Turn down DENY
Vegas-to-Denver dir ENE
Wolf Blitzer’s network CNN

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