Wall Street Journal – Apr 13 2022 – “Off Base” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” director Lee ANG
“Les ___” (Broadway show, for short) MIZ
“Well, I don’t think so” UHNO
“You said it!” AMEN
Adverb in the “Star Wars” opening crawl AGO
Antagonist in “Wonder Woman” ARES
Any of 154 by Shakespeare SONNET
Artist with a pet ocelot DALI
Assignments for deliverers ROUTES
Audiophile’s collection, perhaps LPS
Bash on CNN DANA
Bering Sea people ALEUTS
Bill producers ATMS
Birds do it CHIRP
Breaks down SOBS
Cardio workout JOG
Chew the fat TALK
Cologne divider RHINE
Corral for a kiddie PLAYPEN
Corundum, for one OXIDE
Cottage or castle ABODE
Cut callously AXE
Divan’s kin SETTEE
Driving need TEE
Fan publications ZINES
Figurehead’s position PROW
Flower girls, often NIECES
Flynn of films ERROL
Fork-tailed bird TERN
French Riviera city NICE
Game also called “stripes and solids” THOUSANDBALL
Gifts from one’s parents GENES
Golf’s Mickelson PHIL
Harsh sound RASP
Hat, slangily LID
He’s just a little horse COLT
Hero of the “Argonautica” JASON
In one piece ENTIRE
Interrogation room feature TENWAYMIRROR
It’s used in computers, and in solving 20-, 34- and 43-Across BINARYSYSTEM
Ketchikan resident ALASKAN
Leader types ALPHAS
Least exciting TAMEST
Left on a liner APORT
Letter after upsilon PHI
Little bits IOTAS
Little brother, perhaps PEST
Many profs PHDS
Name after Fannie, Sallie or Ginnie MAE
One of the Rice Krispies mascots SNAP
Out of view LATENT
Penne ___ vodka ALLA
Prepare for a prizefight SPAR
President who sought annexation of Texas TYLER
Prior to, poetically ERE
Ripe quality ODOR
Roof feature RIDGE
Sage, for one HERB
Sand trap tool RAKE
Seep slowly OOZE
Seminary subject SIN
Sentry’s cry HALT
Serengeti group PRIDE
Show AIR
Sordid stuff SLEAZE
Spring LEAP
Steers, at sea HELMS
Striking show ECLAT
Surprise visit, of a sort RAID
Swank with a pair of Oscars HILARY
Swedish company now headquartered in the Netherlands IKEA
Timber preserver TAR
Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” NIA
Via, informally THRU
Water, in Juárez AGUA
Working hard ATIT
Youth program sponsored by the USDA HUNDREDHCLUB

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