Wall Street Journal – Apr 14 2018 – Disorderly Conduct

Clues Answers
$200 Monopoly properties: Abbr RRS
‘Beat it!’ SCAT
‘Don’t budge!’ STAY
‘For sure!’ YES
‘I ___ dead!’ AMSO
‘I’ll be!’ GEE
‘Shepherd Moons’ singer ENYA
‘Teach Your Children’ group, initially CSNY
‘The Butter Battle Book’ author SEUSS
‘There he goes again!’ look EYEROLL
‘This is ___ sudden!’ ALLSO
‘Too rich for me’ IFOLD
‘Try again!’ CLOSE
‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ lyricist Washington NED
‘You expect me to clap for that?’ MEH
1963 film not recommended for ornithophobes THEBIRDS
Alphabear, e.g APP
Archer of note ANNE
Asserts SAYS
Blather TRIPE
Booker T. & the ___ MGS
Brand of 40-Across AXE
Brightest star in Lyra VEGA
British singer-songwriter Rita ORA
Bunch of players TEAM
Busy CA airport SFO
Busy GA airport ATL
Busy IL airport ORD
Can’t stand DETESTS
Catch up EMBROIL
Caustic soda, to chemists NAOH
Chocolate stand-in CAROB
Cloner’s material DNA
Cologne alternative BODYSPRAY
Corrida call OLE
Costa ___ RICA
Cribbage markers PEGS
Decline SAG
Deep throat? BASSO
Deli specification ONRYE
Diva’s delivery ARIA
Divest RID
Doff one’s topper UNHAT
Dr. of rap DRE
Eagles lineman Wisniewski STEFEN
Evens things up ALIGNS
Family symbol TOTEM
Four-letter word OATH
Frank topper KRAUT
Freeloading PARASITIC
Go astray ERR
Hardly respectful SASSY
Hiccups SNAGS
High lines ELS
Highborn people? NEPALESE
Hydrocarbon suffix ANE
Improviser’s lack PLAN
In any way ATALL
Inbox contents EMAILS
Inland Asian sea ARAL
Inseparable pals, to texters BFFS
Inspiration for the film ‘Clueless’ EMMA
Intestinal sections ILEA
Ireland’s Sinn ___ FEIN
It might make you a better person ASPIRIN
It’s a two-person job DUET
Jeans brand LEE
Jeans brand GUESS
Job at a bank HEIST
Clues Answers
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kidnappers in 1974 news SLA
Kitchen garden herb BASIL
Launched BEGAN
Like sweepstakes winnings TAXABLE
Live broadcast no-no FBOMB
Low-risk securities TBONDS
Makes an unpleasant sound RASPS
Marvelous, slangily FAB
Mascot with a big bill TOUCANSAM
Mendel subjects PEAS
Menotti title role AMAHL
Not interfere with LETBE
Novice’s piano exercise CSCALE
Obsolescent movie players VCRS
Offer a favorable bet LAYODDS
Oklahoma tribe KIOWAS
Old knockout ETHER
One with an inner child? MOMTOBE
Opposed to ANTI
Org. that has your number SSA
Persia, once SHAHDOM
Personal preferences TASTES
Popular chip FRITO
Purple-berried evergreen BAYTREE
Put in one’s sights AIMAT
Reward poster subject, perhaps LOSTDOG
River near Balmoral Castle DEE
Rob ___ (scotch cocktails) ROYS
Scorecard figure PAR
Seahawk rival, informally NINER
Seyfried of ‘Mamma Mia!’ AMANDA
Sibling of Helios and Selene EOS
Smooth talker’s specialty GLIBNESS
Soaked through and through SODDEN
Some aid deliveries DROPS
Some, but not much ADAB
Sounds on some Easter commercials CHEEPS
Soup-strainer STACHE
Spread apart SPLAY
Stabilizer at sea FIN
Stamen or pistil, for a flower SEXORGAN
Stand up to RESIST
Stretch (out) EKE
Stretch out LIE
Submerged BELOW
Suffering ILL
Superlative suffix EST
Take a machete to HACKAT
That senorita ESA
Theater concession stand choice SNOCAPS
Thoroughly enjoy EATUP
Triumphant move COUP
Urban fleet CABS
Villain in a 1950 Superman serial ATOMMAN
Vivacious ANIMATED
Watson’s company IBM
Wildlife tracker IDTAG
Worms, e.g BAIT
You can’t take it with you ESTATE
___ Moines DES
___ Spiegel DER

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