Wall Street Journal – Apr 14 2022 – “Do or Do Not” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Ain’t happening” UMNO
“Hunches in Bunches” author DRSEUSS
“Stop with the awful details!” TMI
“The Interpretation of Dreams” author FREUD
“Weird Al” specialty POLKA
Achilles was dipped in it STYX
Adler who outsmarted Sherlock Holmes IRENE
Approach NEAR
Backup strategy PLANB
Band box, of a sort AMP
Base for birlers LOG
Basis for deciding a case MERITS
Bouillabaisse bit MUSSEL
Breezy “bye!” TATA
Cap named for a farmer in a Burns work TAM
Cartographic close-up INSET
Conflicted admission IMTORN
Coopers, abroad? FOREIGNMINIS
Criticize the author of “The Raven”? SLAMPOE
Curly-tailed dog AKITA
Current setting SEA
Cutting-edge medical device NANOBOT
Dads in Odense? DANISHPAS
Digital identifier SSN
Enters using keys TYPES
Exam for H.S. jrs PSAT
Fire dept. worker, perhaps EMT
Free of superfluous parts PRUNE
From the top AGAIN
Google Maps marker PIN
Hosp. readout EEG
Inordinately TOO
Instrument heard on “Norwegian Wood” SITAR
Insurance giant AETNA
Lifted STOLE
Like some shoppes OLDE
Macho dude HEMAN
Mathematician’s summation symbol SIGMA
Means to be found at a univ GPAS
Mimicking ALA
Monitor of LGBTQ representation GLAAD
NAACP co-founder ___ B. Wells IDA
Nationwide logo feature EAGLE
Neighbor of 6-Down TAU
NFL team with a raccoon mascot TITANS
Not just small TEENY
Nova, e.g LOX
Poke on the proboscis, cutely BOOP
Quite odd OUTRE
Ready to run SHOD
Restorative retreat SPA
Rick who raps ROSS
Score lines STAFF
Secretary-general from Ghana ANNAN
Set of dishes MEAL
Shot from Sharapova SMASH
Show decisiveness OPT
Significant work OPUS
Skip syllabically ELIDE
Skip the lines? ADLIB
Some gym clothes TEES
Spewers of formic acid ANTS
Spoil MAR
Take the show on the road TOUR
Think pieces? IDEAS
Tokyo title of respect SAN
Undermine ERODE
Unduly interested NOSY
Unwholesome SEAMY
View from Giza NILE
Watchword at West Point HONOR
Whichever ANY
Yemen neighbor OMAN
Yoda’s words following “Do or do not,” and a hint to this puzzle’s theme THEREISNOTRY
Young “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” host? BABYREGIS

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