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Wall Street Journal – Apr 16 2022 – “Fashionably Late” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“And I’ll add…” ALSO
“Awesome!” SUPER
“Gesundheit” preceder ACHOO
“It’s good enough” THATLLDO
“Like that could ever happen!” ASIF
“Pardon me…” AHEM
“Soul” studio PIXAR
1987 movie with the tagline “The future of law enforcement” ROBOCOP
Abbr. in a baby announcement OZS
Ack! The show is starting and they still need a.. TAXITOTHERUNWAY
Altar boy? GROOM
Ambition DRIVE
Annoyance for a commuter DETOUR
Back in Congress SPONSOR
Bankrupt RUIN
Bear, in Barcelona OSO
Before the fashion show, the model bent over and her garment.. BURSTATTHESEAMS
Beseeches IMPLORES
Big name in cosmetics MAC
Books in pews HYMNALS
Brink of night DUSK
Bundle that might be forked over? BALE
California’s Big ___ SUR
Carpentry leveler SHIM
Carrier to Ben Gurion Airport ELAL
Challenge DARE
Chip, across the pond CRISP
City just north of Des Moines AMES
Civil rights activist C.K STEELE
Coastal cove INLET
Condiment with a kick WASABI
Conference teams often have them RIVALRIES
Court play HOOPS
Cultivate TILL
Cultural spirit ETHOS
Curved line in music SLUR
Disaster struck when her sewing machine broke, leaving her.. WITHOUTASTITCH
Disgruntled SORE
Draped garment TOGA
Eager and then some HOTTOTROT
En route SENT
Exclamation uttered with a head slap DOH
Exercise swimmingly? DOLAPS
Experts in CPR EMTS
Fanaticism ZEAL
Favorite PET
Fed. workplace discrimination fighter EEOC
Flat-bottomed hauler SCOW
Followed a lob’s path ARCED
Food for Fido ALPO
Food industry giant TYSON
Great Basin tribe UTE
Group of more than 50? AARP
Hand over GIVE
Hardly huge TINY
Harmonious relationship RAPPORT
Her colleague chimed in and said, “That patch isn’t the problem, your…” SKIRTSTHEISSUE
Hunger strike? PANG
Indiana Jones’s actual first name HENRY
Ink pouch, e.g SAC
It’s just under a foot SOLE
Italian label since 1913 PRADA
Jackson’s bill TWENTY
Language similar to Thai LAO
Less common navel variety OUTIE
Many a garden flower ANNUAL
Midnight trips to the fridge RAIDS
Minecraft maven, maybe GAMER
Mining deposits LODES
Minor injury? OWIE
Mo. baseball team, on scoreboards STL
Modern diet based on a nonmodern era PALEO
Moment to act GOTIME
More loyal TRUER
Museo del Prado pieces ARTE
Music’s ___ Boys BEASTIE
North America’s second-largest lake HURON
Not in port ASEA
Orange layer PEEL
Orchestral tuners OBOES
Oversight ERROR
Pale yellow cheese EDAM
Pancake pile STACK
Paper piece OPED
Peephole place DOOR
Polliwog parent TOAD
Product protest BOYCOTT
Protégé MENTEE
Put in a seat ELECT
Put on the board, say APPOINT
Puts through the wringer TESTS
Real hoot RIOT
Red carpet walkers CELEBS
Red inside RARE
Refracting object PRISM
Rene of “Thor” RUSSO
Ring stats KOS
Ruler of the past TSAR
Sandwich shop choice WRAP
Sandwich shop choice CLUB
Seasonal lights locale EAVE
She’d iron on the patch, but it was too big and had to be.. CUTDOWNTOSIZE
Shortest answer from a Magic 8 Ball YES
Shrimping net TRAWL
Sign of amusement GRIN
Simple top TEE
Smithy sounds CLANGS
Snack brand since 1932 FRITOS
Soap component LYE
Some concert merch CDS
Song often accompanied by a ukulele ALOHAOE
Sound of sorrow SOB
Speak from a dais ORATE
Spots SEES
State whose capitol gift shop sells a plush Spuddy Buddy IDAHO
Succeeding AFTER
Surfing destination OAHU
Tabloid filler DIRT
Tearing up MISTY
Technical skill CHOPS
The Dalai Lama, for one TIBETAN
The designer needed a fabric patch, so she consulted her.. MATERIALGIRL
The outfit did need something different, prompting a last-minute.. POCKETCHANGE
They pay flat fees RENTERS
Things to play or beat ODDS
Tony nominee Merediz of “In the Heights” OLGA
Took off SPLIT
Unbeatable foes NEMESES
Unexciting BLAH
Union pledge IDO
Vaulted areas APSES
VIP of the present day? SANTACLAUS
Volleyball star Gabrielle REECE
What a baker has on hand? MITT
What a slash may stand for PER
Word from a grateful German DANKE
Work with oils PAINT
World of Warcraft brute OGRE