Wall Street Journal – Apr 17 2018 – What’s the Point?

Clues Answers
‘Atonement’ author McEwan IAN
‘Exodus’ protagonist ARI
‘Forget about it’ NOBIGDEAL
‘I ___ Rock’ AMA
‘Othello’ baddie IAGO
‘That’s so cool!’ NEAT
‘This is weird, but…’ ODDLY
‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ author STOWE
‘What a surprise to see you here!’ OHHI
Aligns audio and video SYNCS
Ballpark fig EST
Belarus neighbor LATVIA
Blows a fuse SNAPS
Blue SAD
Boneless cut FILET
Busy mo. for Santa DEC
Catch sight of SPOT
Chapel Hill sch UNC
Classic arcade name ATARI
Clothes line CREASE
Constellation with a belt ORION
Dashboard abbr MPH
Do some mummifying EMBALM
Door-to-door cosmetics company AVON
Drifting on the Atlantic ASEA
Earnings after taxes NET
Exacta, e.g BET
Filming area SET
Folkie Mitchell JONI
Gallery exhibit ART
Geometric expanse PLANE
Give a grand speech ORATE
Go to court? WOO
Grist for ‘Meet the Press’ ISSUE
Hotel alternative for travelers AIRBNB
Language of Iran FARSI
Leaving word? ADIEU
Like New England winters HARSH
Clues Answers
Loquacious gift GAB
Lugged around TOTED
Major goof SNAFU
Maze goal END
Muffs it ERRS
Needle holders PINES
New England state MAINE
New moon, e.g PHASE
Noisy summer bug CICADA
Not worth debating MOOT
One Direction’s favorite ballpark? SHEASTADIUM
One Direction’s favorite comedy? GROSSOUTHUMOR
One Direction’s favorite kind of challenge? MINORTHREAT
One Direction’s favorite slogan? UNITEDWESTAND
One of the National Toy Hall of Fame’s original inductees LEGO
OxiClean target STAIN
Paleo- counterpart NEO
Pie chart parts SLICES
Place for a hot stone massage SPA
Polo or T TOP
Praiseful poem ODE
Praline bit PECAN
Quite some time YEARS
Sends regrets, perhaps RSVPS
Sign before Virgo LEO
Signature Obama health measure, briefly ACA
Smallest nation in the European Union MALTA
Solution: Abbr ANS
Spare tire site WAIST
Sprees JAGS
Subway fare HEROS
Sunscreen bottle letters SPF
The NBA’s King James, e.g CAV
Took off RAN
Tyler of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ LIV
Valuable holding ASSET
Wine and dine, e.g RHYMES
Yawner’s remark INEEDANAP
Zero, essentially OVAL

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