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Wall Street Journal – Apr 18 2018 – Cross the Line

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Clues Answers
‘Holy moly!’ ZOWIE
‘Law & Order: SVU’ org NYPD
‘The Prophet’ writer GIBRAN
‘Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!’ airer NPR
…Faulkner’s ‘___ Lay Dying’ ASI
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Roush EDD
Broccoli ___ RABE
Brouhaha CLAMOR
Burden ONUS
Calculator button PLUS
Cdr.’s charge ENS
Ceska Republika capital PRAHA
Charged RANAT
Coach controls REINS
Cube creator Rubik ERNO
Decorative vase URN
Difficulty with exercise? LISP
Dishonest candy store owners ___ FUDGETHEDETAILS
Dishonest pretzel vendors ___ TWISTTHEMEANING
Dishonest spa owners ___ MASSAGETHEBOOKS
Dishonest yoga teachers ___ STRETCHTHETRUTH
Drained EMPTY
Drive need TEE
Eat the whole chocolate cake, e.g BINGE
Effortlessness EASE
Eternity, so to speak EONS
Even prime TWO
Father in.. ANSE
Fountain of Dixieland PETE
Frat letters PIS
Has a summer job? ADDS
High-protein beans SOYS
Hippie fashion technique TIEDYE
Home’s counterpart AWAY
Idyllic spots EDENS
In ___ (not yet delivered) UTERO
It’s often quickly deleted SPAM
Italy’s ___ di Como LAGO
Clues Answers
Light submachine gun STEN
Make some dulcimer music STRUM
May sports event, familiarly INDY
Menu choice for the goof-prone UNDO
Minor adjustment TWEAK
Move for Nathan Chen AXEL
Nationals outfielder Adam EATON
Nomadic quarters TENTS
Of the congregation LAIC
One drop, perhaps DOSE
One of the Balearics IBIZA
Pan feature HORNS
Party bowlful SALSA
Pigeon’s squawk? IBEENHAD
Plays the wrong suit RENEGES
Princess accessory TIARA
Principle TENET
Quaintly antique OLDE
Sgt.’s charge PVT
Show leader EMCEE
Spiny critter HEDGEHOG
Sports drink suffix ADE
State known for tea production ASSAM
Subj. with lots of X’s ALG
Swelling applications ICEBAGS
Teamwork impediments EGOS
Three-seater, e.g SOFA
Ticked off VEXED
Unoriginal argument REHASH
Wall St. action LBO
Was cheeky to SASSED
Whopping, in combinations MEGA
Wolfish look LEER
Wolfish look OGLE
Word shouted by bugs in ads RAID