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Wall Street Journal – Apr 18 2022 – “Right As Rain” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Barry” network HBO
“Chill out!” RELAX
“Curses!” DRAT
“Heavens!” DEARGOD
“How could you say that about me?” IMHURT
“Not right now” MAYBELATER
“___ just me, or…” ISIT
Approves, briefly OKS
Back talk SASS
Band’s volume boosters AMPS
Basis for a civil action TORT
Bert’s TV roommate ERNIE
Bird on Canadian dollars LOON
Black gunk TAR
Burden ONUS
Chobani product YOGURT
Crowd scene actors EXTRAS
Crunchy Mexican fare TACO
Currency in Cannes and Cologne EURO
Damage MAR
Dart-shaped fish GAR
Decade divisions YEARS
Earl Grey, for example TEA
Emerald or amethyst GEM
Equip RIG
Extremely urgent DIRE
Fellow of fable fame AESOP
Gymnast Raisman who won gold medals at the London Olympics ALY
Halloween wear MASK
Hashtag of an anti-harassment movement METOO
Healer of all wounds, it’s said TIME
Himalayas setting ASIA
Incline LEAN
Intermission, for example BREAK
Land parcel TRACT
Lingerie item BRA
Molecule in Covid-19 vaccines RNA
Not a team’s best effort, in sports lingo BGAME
One who can be drafted or buy a draft ADULT
Owls’ quarries MICE
Pal of Piglet ROO
Party topper with straws BEERHAT
Party with a diaper cake, perhaps BABYSHOWER
Peer-to-peer file sharing protocol BITTORRENT
Person in the fare trade CABBY
Philatelist’s find STAMP
Place for outdoor potted plants, perhaps PATIO
Plants, for a herbivore DIET
Praiseful verses ODES
Props for a magic act RINGS
Relative by marriage INLAW
Ride-for-hire company UBER
River from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Cairo, Illinois OHIO
Rustic lodgings INN
Sch. support groups PTAS
Site offering Wi-Fi HOTSPOT
Smugly superior SNOBBY
Social media tirade TWEETSTORM
Sonic the Hedgehog’s company SEGA
Speak like Sylvester LISP
Sprite alternative SIERRAMIST
Stewart who plays Diana in “Spencer” KRISTEN
Try hard STRIVE
Two, in Tijuana DOS
Undefeated Laila ALI
Watched a Persian, say CATSAT
Water, to Juanita AGUA
Web pages are written in it HTML
Whirlpool subsidiary MAYTAG
Works with arias OPERAS
Young fellas LADS
___ for (attest to) VOUCH
___ mater ALMA
___ Technica (website created for “alpha geeks”) ARS