Wall Street Journal – Apr 2 2018 – Around the Clock

Clues Answers
‘Arrr!’ shouter PIRATE
‘Darn it!’ HECK
‘Finest’ force, for short NYPD
‘Party in the back’ hairdo MULLET
‘That’s enough!’ NOMORE
‘The Addams Family’ cousin ITT
‘Try to ___ my way’ SEEIT
‘___ perpetua’ (Idaho motto) ESTO
*1973 Lillian Hellman book PENTIMENTO
*Approximate width of a pencil CENTIMETER
*Mix of text, sound, images, etc MULTIMEDIA
Abundant RIFE
Anger IRE
Aquarium fixtures TANKS
Battery terminal ANODE
Bottled water from France EVIAN
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Conclusion for Descartes IAM
Don of ‘Cocoon’ AMECHE
English cathedral city ELY
File folder feature TAB
First book GENESIS
German article EIN
Girders and rafters BEAMS
Headdress for a bishop MITER
Highlands family CLAN
His career is in ‘Jeopardy!’ TREBEK
Illinois hours, and a feature of the starred answers CENTRALTIME
Jane Austen novel EMMA
Jane Doe, perhaps AMNESIAC
Less risky SAFER
Letters that look like H’s ETAS
Clues Answers
Llama’s cousin ALPACA
Made invalid NEGATED
May birthstone EMERALD
Metal source ORE
Minnelli with an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony LIZA
Moreno with an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony RITA
New Horizons space probe org NASA
Onassis nickname ARI
Oozy stuff SLIME
Org. for doctors AMA
Pays to play ANTES
Peace Prize winner Wiesel ELIE
Portuguese islands in the Atlantic AZORES
Prepare to be photographed SMILE
Puppy’s bite NIP
Reeves of ‘John Wick’ KEANU
Rocker John ELTON
Shouted end-of-the-week letters TGIF
Sporty Chevy CAMARO
Starbucks size TALL
Stately homes MANORS
Steel component IRON
Sulky state SNIT
Support for an injured arm SLING
Tending to tickle AMUSIVE
Texas city on the Rio Grande ELPASO
Tom Collins ingredient GIN
Tour schedule listing DATES
Tumbler or snifter GLASS
Turned to anarchy RIOTED
Twisty shape ESS
Unseal without tearing STEAMOPEN
Unwanted email SPAM
Washroom fixtures BASINS
Wrote, as a musical score NOTATED
Yoga class need MAT

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